Honoka Ami

aka. Inu-chan, Vivi-chan

The first "Fenrir Spawn" created by Nukari.
Known for for being mind-blowingly and gut-punchingly cute.


Ami looks to be in about her late teens or early twenties, standing at 5'5". Her hair is black and bushy, reaching to her back. She has the golden pawprint-shaped hairclip on the left side of her bangs, leading into a braid that hangs just past her chin. A pair of black wolf ears stick out of the top of her head, through her hair.
Her facial features are cute, but still slightly predatory with the presence of her yellow eyes and elongated canines. Her body is thin, but fit, and her assets are fairly well-endowed. A wolf tail sticks out from above her rear, and each of her fingers and toes end in black, wolflike claws. Usually she can be seen wearing the traditional black kimono of a shinigami.


Ami is cheerful and simple minded most of the time. Her understanding of language is basic, but she understands meaning easily enough. Though she's happy most of the time, she is quick to get defensive of the people she cares about.


In combat, Ami is quick and resourceful, her zanpaktou mostly centering around manipulation of the environment. Her strength, speed, and endurance are just above average, but increase as she draws blood.

Zanpaktou: Tsukiyomi.

Sealed form: A standard katana, with a pawprint-shaped crossguard.

Zanpaktou Spirit: A tiny humanoid just barely the size of a large bug.

Shikai: "Break through the darkening clouds, Tsukiyomi!"


Tsukiyomi takes the form of a fragmented jade sword, with swirling wind in the center of the two pieces. On the end of the hilt is a brush, seemingly always wet with Ink. The two fragments seem attracted to eachother, so they can act like a normal sword, but can be handled in two pieces as well.

Abilities: Most of Tsukiyomi's power is in the brush. It can manifest a number of different powers, all of which seem to manifest to begin with as painting on the very air. One power can be used about every 6 seconds.

Ink: An upward stroke over an opponent covers them with spiritual ink that blots out sight, but can be shaken off with some effort.

Ink Bullet: Making dots with the brush creates bullet-like projectiles that fire in the direction they're created (outward from Ami). As many as 6 bullets may be made in one use.

Sunrise: Making a circle brush stroke in the sky creates an artificial sun, dispelling darkness and creating effectual daylight for about a mile around Ami's position.

Rejuvenation: Filling in broken structures and items with a brushstroke immediately repairs them. This can be used on Zanpaktous.

Power Slash: Making a straight, sideways line over an opponent creates the effect of a slash as if by a zanpaktou blade. It is strong enough to cut through rock.

Greensprout: This is a collective series of powers, all under the same name.

  • Bloom: This ability manipulates plants to bloom by making a circle around them. It can temporarily create trees (up to 3) by making dots, and flowers by making scribbles, over the ground.
  • Water Lily: Making a circle over water creates a water lily that can hold a large amount of weight (at least enough for Ami).
  • Vine: Making a line from natural growth (flora) to an opponent/object/Ami herself creates a vine that latches onto the target and pulls them in. Ami can will it to let go. It is impossible to break with mere physical strength, but it can be cut through easily.

Cherry Bomb: Making a circle with an upright "fuse" sticking out creates a large bomb that is comparable to a cero in power when it explodes after a short period or comes in contact with something other than the ground. Only one can be made at a time.

Waterspout: Ami has crude manipulation over nearby bodies of water, by making lines originating from the body of water to elsewhere. The force is fairly strong, more than enough to push away a surprised or physically weaker foe. It can also be used to create a Geyser when made in a line directly upwards.

Crescent: Making a curved line stroke in the sky creates an artificial moon (which matches the current stage of the moon for that area, despite the name), dispelling light and creating effectual night for about a mile around Ami's position.

Galestorm: Making a loop or spiral in midair creates a gust of wind comparable to hurricane-force winds (75+ mph). Making a loop directs the wind sideways, and a spiral directs the wind outward from Ami.

Inferno: Ami has crude manipulation over nearby sources of fire, by making lines originating from the source to elsewhere. The force isn't comparable to Waterspout, but it does risk burning and setting targets on fire.

Veil of Mist: By making two horizontal lines, time slows down for Ami for approximately 4 seconds. Her speed and reaction time effectively double during this period.

Catwalk: By making a plus sign, Ami can create walls that last for approximately 1 minute. They are spiritually magnetic, allowing Ami and any other spiritual entity to easily climb/stand on them, even if sideways. The walls are anchored where created regardless of gravity.

Thunderstorm: Ami has crude manipulation over electricity, by making lines originating from clouds to elsewhere. The force isn't comparable to waterspout, but it is fairly damaging, being an essential bolt of lightning.

Blizzard: Ami has crude manipulation over ice, by making lines originating from sources of ice to elsewhere. The target is frozen in ice, and with enough physical strength can escape, but is otherwise bound until the ice melts.

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