Hitomi Gokudo


Reiatsu: Raven

Appearance and personality:

Hitomi looks to be anywhere between her early twenties to early thirties. She is 5’2’’ (the average height for women in Japan), has black hair, and brown eyes. Her hair is of a medium length, typically kept out of her face with a black headband (or something equally as mundane). She has no set style of dress or trademark mannerisms.


Her soul bow actually has two (or three, if you want to pick nits) forms. The first manifestation is a pair of ‘pound sign’ shaped emanations over each hand, both capable of firing 4 small bolts at once. The other form is a huge cross that manifests when both hands are clapped and pulled apart. When fired in this form, the massive bolts move at high speed and strike with explosive force.

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