Hisoka Akiko

Name: Hisoka Akiko (first name meaning Autumn Child)
Reatsu: None.
Affiliation: Human

Appearance: Picture

Akiko is a rather small girl, slightly below average in both height and weight. She is a natural Blonde, quite a rare color in Japan, as well as having light Hazel eyes instead of the normal darker brown. Akiko wears a pair of slightly aged, but fashionable glasses which are constantly sliding down her nose. Akiko can usually be found wearing some variety of hoodie, most commonly a plain white hoodie that remains remarkably clean despite the number of times she has dirtied it in some way. She is also fond of shoulder-slung Messenger bags, as they allow quick access to her Sketch pad and other things while not sacrificing carrying capacity. Akiko's wardrobe also carries a Gothic influence, expressed through black fingernail polish, a cat-bell choker, and her somewhat 'scene' haircut. She does not subscribe to any particular fashion niche, however, just going with what she personally likes and what she can afford at the time.

Personality: Akiko is very reserved and somewhat shy, easy to embarrass and not very assured of herself. Much of her childhood, and indeed a solid portion of her current early-adult life, was spent reading and dreaming about books. Akiko is at heart a Dreamer; she is possessing of an extremely vivid and often self-directed Imagination, as well as a good heart and a compassionate instinct. Her enjoyment of Books and Manga has benefited her greatly as she has slowly started becoming aware of the Spiritual side of the world, since through her whole life she has been dreaming and half-wishing that the fantasy stories could be true.

Akiko is not a girl of wealth, and as such has had to cut corners and do without at times to stretch her savings far enough to last through College. However she still leads a comfortable life, mostly making up the difference by pursuing her interests and curiosity at the Public Library and other venues. A rare example of such, Akiko enjoys playing Videogames and is actually quite skilled, though she has never been able to own a system younger than five years or so. Her online screenname is always some variation on "Anastasia."

Skills: Akiko is highly imaginative, and as such excels at creating Drawings and Short Stories that draw on her creativity. Akiko has been drawing since she was very young, and is what some people may describe as preternaturally skilled with a pencil. Though she is decent in other forms, such as painting and the like, she has never found as much enjoyment in them as with a simple pencil set. She is also rather tech-proficient, though she hasn't had the means to own a high-end computer or the like, and so her hands-on experience is somewhat limited to older systems and to what she can access in public libraries or at friends' houses.

Finally, Akiko has a very strong sense of Empathy, seeming to either 'read' or to 'just know' about how another person is feeling or how others feel toward them. She is quite unassuming with this gift, however, understanding that she can be completely wrong about someone (though it has been a while since that happened…).

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