Hisanori Hazuki
久紀 葉月
Hisanori Hazuki

Age: Appears 18, is actually around ~80
Class: Shinigami
4th Division, 4th Seat


Hazuki was a fairly normal girl until she was tragically killed, caught up in a brutal, freak accident. The real cause was a conflict between a "Hollow" and a Shinigami, and in the chaos of the fight, she was slain. Her soul however, has retained 2 of the 7 Haku as separate 'entities'. They can be seen faintly around her, and become visible to the point of tangibility when she draws her sword. Due to the fact she has retained them, she has been the target of many jokes due to her nature as being somewhere between 2/7ths 'alive'.

She's a fairly calm character in personality ("straight laced," if you will)- taking her job seriously. She is an extremely hard (some would say overworked) worker, with a good head for organization. As a member of the 4th Division, she is well versed in medical and kidō techniques. Despite the 'support' roll the 4th Division often is claimed to be, She also possess a keen sword arm, and has earned her rank through good performance on the battlefield.

Haku, Some Background:

A Bleach Theory as relating to Hazuki:

A lot of Hazuki's character influence lies in the Daoist division of the soul into the Kon and Haku (read "konpaku"). There are 3 Kons, said to govern the mental influences of the soul, while the 7 haku are said to compose the physical aspects of the soul.
A certain amount of Bleach lore can generally be described in this format, explained loosely below (for a more detailed explanation, please pm me, as there is not enough space in this text):

The 3 Kon are the Shinigami's spirit body, and the 7 Haku end up composing their Sword.
In a Shinigami, 5 of the Haku are aligned towards 'Shinigami' nature, and one to inner hollow, and One is the Actual physical Manifestation of the Sword.

In a Vizard, 3 of the haku are aligned towards shinigami, and 3 to inner hollow, one being the actual physical manifestation of the sword.

In Hazuki's case, she has 2 external, floating haku (both from an 'inner hollow' nature due to her state of not being dead/alive), and her remaining 4 are within her…The last being her zanpakutou's physical manifestation.

Because of her damaged state, her Spiritual Power is being diverted to keep her zanpakutou stable.
This also has the side effect of leaving her relatively vulnerable to the effects of spiritual pressure, as well as in general just not exhibiting a great deal of spiritual strength. Of course, having two of her haku separate also does not help in this.

The Haku generally reflect the opposite emotion she is feeling, unless she is absolutely overwhelmed by an emotion, in which case the haku respond in the same manner she is feeling. Most often they float lazily about her, almost if they have minds of their own, twirling or orbiting, sometimes just hanging in place. They are incorporeal, but emit a feeling of coldness about them in a small radius - Hazuki is well used to this and it doesn't phase her. If someone tries to touch one of the haku, their finger passes into it with the sensation of a thick foggy mist. However, they are a part of Hazuki's physicality and she can feel them and what touches them. She has recently described the sensation as being "everywhere," that she can feel the sense as if it was a 'phantom limb' but yet present across her body.

Hazuki has no 'home' district in Seireitei - when she arrived, she appeared at the gate, and was eventually led to the academy after a bit of interrogation. Took her a long time to get used to things, and was often picked on for her haku. kind of an 'outsider' at the same time as being an 'insider.'
Hazuki in a sense, stands on a strange border between life and death, and though she feels much more strongly attached to Soul Society…that may just be because she hasn't been to the mortal world in so long. Either way, she is kind of trapped in a state where she sees the land of the dead (Seireitei), not only as an insider, but also an outsider, since she's never entirely been accepted.

Because of her situation anchored between life and death, her Reiatsu is a disjointed mess - she can use kidou just fine, but is very poor at sensing things through reiatsu. She also has proven (by Captain Kiljaeran) to be extremely vulnerable to reiatsu pressure applied against her mind directly.

Relationships with other Characters
Feiyan, the third seat of the fourth division, has taken a liking to Hazuki, and the two seem to at least get along on a good level - though Feiyan's fast gears are a bit off-setting for Hazuki, which has resulted in some comedy. Considering the busyness of the Captain and Vice Captain however, it's a good thing the 3rd and 4th seats are able to coordinate well.

Hazuki respects both Captain Taniko and Vice-Captain Xavier a great deal, because they have accepted her because of her skill an ability, and have made no attempts to grill her about her 'situation.' Vice-Captain Xavier has given her some protective guidance, and she looks up to him immensely.

Relationships with her Charges
When dealing with patients, Hazuki is a very professional medical worker. She has a strict penchant for bookkeeping and records - which she declares are important for helping to track patient conditions and give them successful long term care.
When working in the hospital wards, she is efficient and focused, improving the coordination of those under her command.
She has served as a nurse and operating assistant to Vice-Captian Xavier on some emergency cases.

Hazuki has so far rarely led any sort of relief force, if only because of the fact that most of the recent situations have been deemed too dangerous to lower ranking members. When she has been deployed though, her decisive coordination and level-headedness earned her the 4th seat.


Hazuki fought under the 6th seat in the battle 10 years ago, and when her seated officer was killed, she distinguished herself on the battlefield and rose to the seat as a promotion.
When all the officers were bumped up a rank to make up for Helena's presumed death, Hazuki then immediately gained the rank of 5th seat, which she held until the recent death of Captain Sigmund… earning her another promotion to 4th seat, which she continues to hold.

Backstory Spoiler: Read at OOC Risk (This Information is Not Known By Any of the Other Characters)


HAKU GIGAI: The two haku about Hazuki can 'wrap' about her and merge with her to create a Gigai. The one issue is that the form makes her look younger and a bit paler, as she would be before her death (not that she is deathly pale or anything). It's a resonant 'image' that allows her to exist in the mortal world, or at least, appear in a gigai state.

Hazuki cannot use a normal method of Gigai because of the unstable nature of her soul, and it's ambiguity as to whether she is alive or dead. If she is in the state of a "haku gigai" she may well be able to hear her sword's voice faintly, as well as her inner hollow…

Tea Ceremony Specialist - Hazuki is renowned throughout Fourth Division (and to a little extent, outside of it) for being a very skilled brewer of tea. She often makes it for guests and patients, and it is highly lauded as being one of the best blends in Seireitei. She is an active participant and occasionally teaches lessons for Tea Ceremony Classes (when she is not overwhelmed by work).

Inner Hollow - ***(Currently fighting…)

Zanpakutou: "Toujiken" 藤寺剣 (Wisteria Temple Sword)

Her zanpakutou is in it's unreleased state a No-dachi (of length about 2 thirds her body). Despite it's length, it's weight is always the same - as much as a wisteria flower. It is a kidou type zanpakutou.

The spirit form:

(始解 )Shikai

Release Phrase: [妄想を消し去れ!(Mousou wo Hashisare! Dispel the Delusions!)
The shikai release of Hazuki's zanpakutou sees her haku recombine into herself, and her clothing gains an array of wisteria, with two intertwined haku as a form. She holds her nodachi in front of her, and seems to pull a wakazashi of similar style from the hilt, as if the two hilts 'split' apart. Each of the swords bears an etched pattern upon the hilt in the shape of a spiral.

Thus, her actual Shikai form then, is two swords, one long and one short.
For the nodachi, the special ability is a shield - as described below.

The wakazashi has a healing aura that those within close proximity to Hazuki can gain the effect of, though it also has a stronger ability, described below.

Special Abilities:
The Nodachi acts as a focus for her other kidou techniques, but has the special ability of creating a large, shimmering violet shield a foot in front of the nodachi, though the shimmering effect becomes solid, displaying a woodblock-cut-styled temple landscape with wisteria upon it when she holds the blade inverted, or stabs it into the ground. The shield is similar to Bakudou 39- Enkosen, though is a much stronger barrier. If she is performing the role of a battlefield medic, Hazuki will likely use this skill to provide some cover while she works on healing her target with her wakazashi. Hazuki can deactivate or reactivate it at will.

送津慈 "Soushinji" (Mercy Sending Wave): The Wakazashi acts as a focus for Hazuki's healing kidou, and she can release her own spiritual energy through the weapon in the form of an intensive regenerative healing aura. The activation command is: 送津慈 "Soushinji" (Mercy Sending Wave). If she is forced to use this release, it is only because of the danger to her comrades…she cannot use this to enhance her own healing.

(卍解 )Bankai

(Since her previous version was refused, there is no concept here yet..) 滅殺「五戒守回顧剣 」  "Messatsu:Gokaishu Kaikoken" (Annihilation : 5 Precepts Obeying Sword of Recollection)

The 5 Precepts are the minimal set of moral restrictions to be observed by Buddhists. Hazuki's technique is a flawless pentagram of 5 cuts that will home in on their target… She never has used this technique before (maybe she doesn't know she can yet?), and it is likely none of her allies/comrades knows she can do it (maybe that's why she's such a low rank?) Nonetheless, against spiritual foes it is an attack reconciling the five precepts into a physical reality as both a seal and an ultimatum. Should such an attack hit her opponent, they are bound unable to move or vanish. If and when they should 'die,' they will not be reborn in the human realm, as per Buddhist law. Instead, they will reincarnate in one of the lesser forms. Considering the strike itself does not kill the target when it hits though, it's more of a 'judgment' than an attack. Afterall, said opponent could go on 'living' for quite some time.

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