Hinata Nobunaga

Name: Hinata Nobundaga - Dead

Division: Second Division

Rank: 19th Seat

Physical Appearance: Hinata is one of the more beautiful women in the Gotei 13, standing at a petite 5'6" and 125lb. She is not often mistaken for a teenager, though. Her dark purple hair is in a French Braid down to her mid-back. She often carries a pouch of medical supplies with her normal 2nd Division uniform.

Personality: Hinata, as the only female in her team, tends to be more…assertive…than some might think. She often ends up acting like "one of the guys", though she'll act decidedly feminine just as often. She tends to be merciless in two areas: the battlefield, and making Azai miserable.

Reiatsu/Speech: Lime

Zanpaktou: Juken (Gentle Fist)

Zanpaktou Sealed Form: A wakizashi with a white handle and guard.

Shikai Command: Destroy them from within.

Shikai: A pair of white gloves from the wrist down. These gloves give Hinata the ability to deliver devastating internal injuries with simple hand-to-hand blows. While on the outside, it looks like a simple bruise, on the inside it can rupture blood vessels. However, the more reiatsu her opponent has, the less effective it is. Someone with thick/strong enough armor or hierro can dull the damage enough to survive, as well.

General Ability Rankings:
Ranked 1.0 to 10.0. 1.0 is worst (new Academy student) and 10.0 is best (undisputed master).

Stealth: 8.0

Escape Artistry: 7.9

Infiltration Skills: 7.8

Hand-to-Hand: 8.8

Footwork/Shunpo: 7.8

Swordsmanship: 6.5

Kido (Overall): 5.0
Bakudo: 8.0
Hado: 2.0

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