Hideki Kotetsu


Rank: Kidõ Corps Commander
Reiatsu Colour: Indigo.

Physical Description


Hideki is a serious man with simple beliefs, the rules must be followed, even if you do not personally agree with them, for as long as they are valid, no crime must be allowed to go unpunished, and no man is above the law, from the lowest beggar to the highest noble.

That said, Hideki is also an extremely prejudiced man, he despises vizards and arrancar, and he thinks very little of foreigners, bount, quincy and humans are regarded with palpable disdain. Similar treatement is reserved for Red Oni and Blue Oni, who are battered, lit aflame, frozen, eletrocuted and similarly mistreated with such casuality that one can wonder why they keep answering Hideki's summons.

Kidõ Master

As leader of the Kidõ Corps, Hideki is a master of the shinigami magic. He can perform full power Kidõ up to 79 without incantation, and all from 80 to 99 at 2/3 of their total power. Even at such reduced power, his spells pack a heavy punch. He can perform forbidden Kidõ and use the garganta kidõ.

Zanpakutou: Onmyōji.


Onmyōji is always in its released state. Looking like a wooden staff with a silver top formed by three circles in a gyroscope shape. In the center of this gyroscope is an indigo orb of focused reiatsu.
Onmyōji is a kidõ tipe zampaktou, boasting numerous different abilities, most of which are activated by a command word

"Be Silent."

This command takes away the voice of a target, preventing most from properly using kidõ, shikai, bankai or resurrección.

"Multiply, Onmyōji."

This ability creates a number of illusory copies of Hideki. Each copy has its own fake Reiatsu, identical to the original, and the copies mimic his movements. Other than that, the illusions are little more than that. Images.

"Intensify, [Kidõ Chant, if any]."

Widely considered Hideki's most potent attack, after issuing the command and casting the kidõ, the zampaktou drastically potentializes the effect.


Onmyōji also boasts a rather disturbing power, it allows Hideki to summon spirits sent to hell and give them a form similar to that of a hollow, including a mask, which unlike that of a hollow, is hardly ever of the white color (blue, red and purple are the most common). The 'Onis' are about as strong as 3th seated shinigami. Hideki can create and control up to two at a time. These are always the same, widely Known as Red Oni and Blue Oni


"Juuni Oni Mahoutsukai Onmyōji (Twelve Demon Wizards Onmyōji)."
Hideki slashes the air in a wide arc with his staff, leaving glowing light projections of the headpiece of the staff in its path. These then solidify into twelve copies of the headpiece, which float around following Hideki's mental commands. If one or more of these objects are destroyed, Hideki can recreate them with a movement of his staff.

+++++Bankai special ability
Onmyōji keeps all the abilities of its shikai, in additon, each of the hovering headpieces mimics any kidõ Hideki uses, firing it against the same target or any other he determines.


While Hideki's bankai is active, Red Oni and Blue Oni gain a drastic power boost, becoming on par with a vice captain each. In addition, each of the twelve hovering objects can summon two Onis, by sacrificing its ability to mimic kidõ. These Onis are as strong as third seated shinigami, much like Hideki's shikai, and are usually gray, brown or black.

Furthermore, these extra onis can combine into stronger creatures. Seven such onis can fuse into what Hideki calls a Naka-Oni, which has power equal to that of a vice-captain (or more specificaly, equal to the power of Red Oni and Blue Oni). Finally, all of the Onis can combine, along with Red Oni and Blue Oni, to create the massive, two-headed Oh-Oni.

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