Helena Von Geister

The eldest of Von Geister's "daughters" (read, his fraccion). Helena was a shinigami and liutenant of the 4th division during Toho's attack. During the event she was accidentally subject to hollowfication, before the end of the battle she was dragged to Hueco Mundo by the then Vasto Lorde Von Geister.

In Hueco Mundo, and subject to the menos' possession hability, the shinigami side was defeated by the hollow side, which then absorbed and became fully dominant. Not long after, this unique hollow, along with her "father" became arrancar.

Helena looks exactly as she did when she was a shinigami. With the few differences being her vestuary, which consists of a white dress, but with a long black skirt, sewn from her old shinigami uniform. Helena's hair is long, straight and black, falling all the way over her back. The remains of her mask form a green choker around her neck, with two long spines protuding from the back, arcing to the sides of her head, her hollow hole is located at the top of her sternum and is visible thanks to the cleavage of her clothes. Interestingly, Helena carries two sheathed zampakutou. Her arrancar shinigami ones. The hollow side also subsumed the zampakutou spirit.

Helena likes to gossip and humour herself, but otherwise tries to keep an appearance of a high-class, noble woman.

Von Geister acts as the main administrator of Las Noches, and each of his fraccion carries on a specific duty in the fortress most of the time. Helena is the commander of the healers of the fortress.


Helena's shinigami zampakutou is Jouryoku Tane (Evergreen Seeds more or less), it looks like a normal katana with a green hilt and leaf-shaped guard.

Her arrancar zampakutou is called Petalo de Sangre (Blood Petal), and appears as a katana identical to the other one, but with a red hilt.

Sealed Abilities: Helena has average skills with Hierro, Sonido, Bala and other such abilities.

Kidõ: Helena can use Kidõ, as a former member of the 4th division her specialty are bakudõs and special healing kidõ. She has tried teaching these technicques to her "family" but they proved themselves very much incompetent with the demon arts.

Shikai: "Stretch your vines, Jouryoku Tane."

Jouryoku Tane turns into a cat-of-nine-tails (a kind of whip), with each strand being, in fact, a long vine. These vines can project thorns that carry a deadly poison, but they can also produce a sap with moderate healing capabilities. Helena knows how to refine both the poison and the sap into more potent salvos, but the process takes long, and takes a laboratory.

Acid Globules: Jouryoku Tane can lob orbs of acid as a form of ranged attack.

Resurrección: "Bloom and take root, Petalo de Sangre."

Helena activates her resurrección by driving her zampakuto through the floor, causing great vines to erupt and envelop her, the underside of the vines compact into a form of trunk, while the upper side, roughtly from her waist up, become dark crimson petals. These open to reveal Helena in green armor, with six spikes coming form her choker, behind her back, each of these spikes sports numerous leaves.

As an interesting side effect of her singular condition, whenever Helena combines her resurrección with her shikai, instead of gaining a whip, each of her hands turn into nine whip-like vines.

Resurrección special abilities:

Solar Cero: While in this stage, Helena can fire a searing energy wave that combines the characteristcs of a cero and those of a light based attack. Matching the name, solar cero becomes much more powerful when Helena is in a sufficiently illuminated environment, such as Las Noches artificial sky, or… You know. Under the sun.

Grasping Roots: Helena has four roots at the base of her body while in this form, these boast considerable strength and have considerable range as well. If slashed, they quickly regenerate. Helena does not use them to move, but a number of smaller roots at her base. Even so, her speed is considerably reduced in this form.

Steel Petals: The four crimson petals surrounding Helena boast an incredibly strong Hierro. She becomes virtually invulnerable when these are closed.

Befoul: If Helena dips her roots inside a body of water (be it those at her base or her long grasping ones), the water will quickly turn into a potent acid, to which she is immune.

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