Hector Dietrich

Name: Hector Dietrich

Species: Bount.

Appearance: Standing a mere 5'9", and weighing only 150 lbs., Hector isn't nearly as impressive as several of his comrades. However, he is very fit, and incredibly graceful. His hair is a sandy blonde, kept in a loose ponytail. His eyes are a pleasant brown shade. He keeps himself clean-shaven.
He typically dresses in loose, nondescript pants and shirts, with heavy work boots on his feet. His belt has multiple small pouches on it, each of them containing a metal tube with a sealed cap on a hinge. He typically wears a vest with several of these scattered all over as well.

Personality: Hector is a quiet man, preferring to read a good book, or perhaps tinker with machines. He likes working with metal and machines quite a bit. He dislikes violence, preferring to get it over with when he does have to use it. He was originally seeking only to live in peace. He didn't want to feed on humans, or make any kind of war. His mind has convinced itself that Hans will give them all peace, and then he'll have forever to read and tinker.

Doll: Isern (Old English for "iron")

When sealed, his doll takes the form of two simple, thick rings on his hands, one on each middle finger.

When released, at first Isern just appears to be two gauntlets that give him a fair degree of magnetic control. His belt and vest pouches actually contain multiple vials of iron powder; Hector often controls this powder to attack his foes with constantly-shifting flying bits of metal. He will sometimes condense all of the powder into a pair of short swords, gladius-style. He can affect metal beyond his stored powder; he simply stores it to always have it on hand.

Isern actually takes the form of an iron golem. He is similar to Hector, in that he tends to be taciturn in his speaking. He's more aggressive, though; Isern enjoys a good fight. Isern is capable of separate magnetic manipulation, and is much more powerful at doing so than Hector with his gauntlets. His control is not as fine, however. Isern often uses surrounding bits of scrap metal to temporarily augment itself. It can theoretically control enough to wrap itself in so much metal as to be the size of a building; however, no one has actually seen this happen.

Hector prefers to let Isern go in and fight, while he hangs back and observes and analyzes. As well, Isern isn't truly destroyed unless the gauntlets are broken; destroying his body only hurts him for a time.

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