Hattori Naomasa

Name: Hattori Naomasa - Dead

Division: Second Division

Rank: Unseated

Physical Appearance: Fuma is what many would call "wiry". He stands at 5'11", weighs about 175 lbs. Yet he looks like he should be about 15 pounds lighter, thin as he is. He keeps his brown hair cropped like his Captain.

Personality: Hattori isn't quite high-strung, but he's certainly more…energetic…than his teammates. He often takes first watch when in the field. If an errand needs run, he volunteers first. Underneath his quirky exterior is a man who truly wants to help his fellow Division mates whenever possible.

Reiatsu/Speech: Indigo

Zanpaktou: Name Unknown

Zanpaktou Sealed Form: A katana with a golden cloth wrap on the handle, and a swirl pattern on the guard.

Shikai Command: Unknown

Shikai: Unknown

General Ability Rankings:
Ranked 1.0 to 10.0. 1.0 is worst (new Academy student) and 10.0 is best (undisputed master).

Stealth: 6.1

Escape Artistry: 6.9

Infiltration Skills: 5.9

Hand-to-Hand: 9.0

Footwork/Shunpo: 8.0

Swordsmanship: 8.4

Kido (Overall): 6.0
Bakudo: 5.0
Hado: 1.0

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