Spiritual Abomination (The Eater Beneath the World Tree [In Asgardian myth], Entropy of Reality, and ender of worlds)


Reiatsu: Onyx, including the metallic sheen that comes with it.

Appearance:Harubo stands an onyx skinned figure in a matching black cloak that has its hood pulled back. His face has a expression of boredom with a hint of apathy, he has a circlet of pure starlight adorning his brow. In his right hand is a guardless katana of pure entropy with blood red runes along the left side of the blade.

Personality: So far, Harubo has been just as enigmatic as he looks, revealing virtually nothing to anyone, however, his recent allegiance to Toho has revealed somewhat his evil intentions, not to mention his mere presence reeks of evil. The only motive he has said for being around the area is that he is seeking to become even more powerful by devouring a soul that seems to have escaped here.

Zanpaktou: Sono ichi dochira shou Seken (The Eater of Worlds).

Appearance (unsealed): The blade manifess as is standard for zanpaktou, except his blade is a deep crimson, and the hilt has the name of his shikai etched into it in what this world would call "latin".

Shikai: Eclipse, Sono ichi dochira shou Seken.

(Like this in Shikai, except with Onyx black skin, DAMN PROGRAM!)
The nature of this shikai is not entirely known to even Harubo, but he manages to get the majority of it's abilities.

"Eclipse:" When he uses his regular shikai release command, it takes the form of a black clawed gauntlet that exudes tendrils of shadow that seem to writhe, and dance in the light, feeding off the light around it, any celestial bodies are also eclipsed by a massive disc of spiritual energy that feeds off of the light that comes out of them, the brighter the light, the deeper the darkness that this exudes.

"Solstice:" When using this command the tendrils of shadow leap out at the closest living beings shadow, digging into it like one would dig into a delicious meal, before erupting from the other side as a fully formed Dragon that seems to be made of this shadow stuff. As with Eclipse there also exists the brighter the light that is in effect (Full moons are treated as broad daylight for this power.) the stronger the dragon. The Dragon also has a large white sphere in its mouth, that represents the body it is eclipsing over time the orb grows in detail until it resembles it fully, and the dragon launches a insanely strong cero from the body, the orb reforming once more, the more detailed the shorter the charge time.

"New Moon:" With this power Harubo withdraws the tendrils of shadow into his body, the gauntlet lengthening into a full, onyx colored, katana blade. In this he can unleash massive waves of hyper concentrated spirit energy that seek out it's target, however, the waves are actually thousands of tiny blade shards that are compressed until reaching their target upon which they dance around the target at ultra high speeds, seeking to blend his body into a pure'd mist.

Bankai: Devour the stars, Sono ichi dochira shou Seken.

The gauntlet of his shikai, melts, and expands as it slithers up his form forming a hard chitinous armor that seems to have a dark sheen that sponges up the light around it into various areas where damage occurs is usually where the sheen if focused seeming to feed off of it to make critical repairs.

"Devour the Stars:" The armor effect in addition to a long, onyx, katana with blood red runes etched into the steel. Over time, as blood is drawn from either party, the runes begin to brighten up, giving off a errie light, as each rune activates the power of his bankai increases massively, his spiritual pressure being amplified each time, but when the final rune activates a blood red aura appears over his form, and his speed, strength, and even his kido abilities are all massively amplified, his movements still beng trailed by the darkness that comes with his releases, but even then they become insanely hard to track. The darkness ability at this point seems to make the entire battlefield cloaked in night, even if it was broad daylight before hand. It is counterable on the last part though.

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