Hara Tai

Captain of the 7th Division


Almost everything about the captain of the 7th division stands out like a vivid dash of color against dreary brown, and it's difficult to tell if that was intentional or not. Thick red hair is pulled up into a short spiky pony tail with the tip looking like someone hacked it off with a butcher's knife. Only her bangs are kept out from the black strap tying off her hair, dangling down her forehead and in front of her eyes. Tai's left eye is covered up by a surprisingly thick titanium eye-patch (stolen while in the Mortal World) with the symbol for the 7th Division etched into the front of it, a sharp contract to the watery gray orb that sits in the other socket. A long jagged scar runs from her forehead, across the missing eye, and down along the curve of her jawbone as a sharp remainder of what she has lost. Aside from the disfigurements, Tai could almost be called 'pretty' though it takes a true fool to say so to her face.

She wears a set of…modified shinigami robes and captain's haori, cutting off the sleeves of both so the hardened muscles can be seen on her arms and the traces of numerous minor wounds across her forearms and hands. The neckline is dangerously loose considering her generous figure, but with a thick swathe of bandages across her chest, there's no real chance of being exposed either. The baggy pants of the robes have been trimmed down and stuffed into the openings of awe-inspiringly large metal boots that announce each step she makes with a loud crash. Mostly for when she's 'dressing formal', Tai also wears them into combat if the dark brown stain on the toes is to believed..and she DOES claim it's rust. The stories of several 7th Division members about being kicked in the head when they had been monumentally foolish dispels that claim though.


"I'd rather face the head captain, Daisuke, in a no-holds barred deathmatch then get on Hara-taichou's bad side. That woman terrifies me." -Random shinigami

A, usually, calm and friendly woman, Tai is well known for her notorious temper at the failings of others and has an over-bearing presence that has actually cowed a rampaging Hollow in mid-consumption of a shinigami. Despite being prone to give offenders a sharp blow up the side of the head, Tai is far from a sociopath or berserker but rather feels the best way to lead others is by example and the occasional beating to drive a point home. Many blame this on her being a former 11th Division member. Add in her prodigious drinking skills and sharp desire to use them, and Tai was just as stunned as anyone when she was appointed as a captain. As the founder of the Shinigami's Women Association, which isn't too popular yet since Tai spends all the budget on drinking money, she is used to ordering people about but she never expected such a promotion. (She's the sort of person who yells alot and people usually just give a meek 'yes ma'am' when her legendary fury is directed at them. One of those types.) So far she's avoided conflict for needless purposes and is of the opinion that the Seireitei is in need of some changes to survive, so she tries to avoid picking TOO many fights now so the 7th doesn't look bad.

In battle, Tai is unpredictable, clever, and isn't afraid to fight dirty if that's what it takes to win. While she'll take pains to preserve the honor of her subordinates, she doesn't feel that she has any herself and fights in the very same way. When she had only just entered the academy, she was heralded as a genius for her rapid development, but once she joined the Gotei 13 such a rapid growth seemed to stop almost completely. Now jokingly (never to her face) called an 'ex-genius', she proves her smarts in battle instead.

Zanpaktou: Todorokasu Arashi (Thundering Tempest)

An average shaped zanpakuto in it's sealed form with a deep blue hilt wrap with a white tassle on the end of the pommel. The guard is sea foam green and is shaped like an 'S' with a thickened middle.

"Swallow the world in frothy waves, Todorokasu Arashi!"

To release it into it's shikai, Tai must balance Todorokasu Arashi along one fore-arm and call out the incantation above before the zanpakuto will change, even if she does possess bankai. Once said though, the zanpakuto disappears to be replaced by dual elbow length gauntlets made out of hardened leather that might as well be the hardest steel and curls over her hands. Atop each knuckle is a large serrated tooth (much like a shark's tooth) that points straight out when her hand curls into a fist to cut and tear at whoever she strikes at.

When in shikai, Todorokasu Arashi can form a sphere of reishi rich holy sake in front of or around Tai that can act as a shield against kido-based attacks. When a kido-based attack meets this sake sphere, it curves around it like water around a stone in the middle of a creek so while Tai may be unaffected, the surrounding terrain is likely to still be very much devastated. From this sphere, she can launch high-pressure blasts of sake that can batter and cut it's target and as long as any given sphere has liquid left, she can fire off multiple of this liquid lances to harry and destroy her foes.

Tai's bankai changes little in form other then the fact that he gauntlets will cover all the way up her arms instead of just her forearms. However the true power of it lays in the multiple new attacks that she can perform. While she can do more attacks, the shield of the watery sphere remains the same though gains in strength. While in bankai, sacred sake constantly swirls and flows around her in a chaotic mess, following each blow of her hands to drench whomever she is fighting

  • First Storm: Tidal Pool: The 'first storm' is actually a much more focused and powerful version of her shikai's attack. A tendril of holy sake lances out at her opponent with enough strength that it cuts through stone as if it was a hot knife and butter while being able to scour the flesh right off an oponent's bones if not out right severe bits and pieces of them.
  • Second Storm: Whirlpool: The 'Whirlpool' technique allows for Tai to take control of all the sacred sake in the area and gather it up into one massive swirling vortex of liquid that bashes about whatever is caught in it's might clutches. Usually she performs this technique on-top of her foe but if an opponent is suitably drenched then they can be pulled into the whirlpool as it is formed.
  • Third Storm: Tsunami: The greatest and most destructive of her bankai's abilities, Tai has used this technique only once and has refrained from having to resort to it ever since. The sheer amount of collateral damage alone is reason enough. By means of this ability, Tai creates and forms an immense wave of sake that towers high enough to match the prisoner tower of sekiseki rock where powerful prisoners are kept. This destructive wave follows the motions of Tai's hands and can relentlessly hound an opponent if they somehow manage to escape that first devastating rush of pounding liquid that can batter rock in seconds and dash the average shinigami to death even faster. Using Tsunami means that Tai has no other options left to her and needs to lay all her cards on the table.

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Considering the nature of her shikai and bankai, Tai is noticeably concerned with being a better then adept hand-to-hand fighter and has honed her skills almost to the point of perfection. With varying styles (though her favorite by far is Drunken Boxing), Tai is a lethal bare-handed fighter.

Strength: Tia is strong, impressively so considering that her zanpakuto doesn't give her any boosts to her physical abilities. Perhaps the physically strongest of the captain's (not counting those with vizard masks that make such abilities almost obscene) but she has punched her way through several feet thick walls before with little effort and she loves to throw an opponent into the nearest hard surface.

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