Hanto Gene


Affiliation: Mataso's Gang, Olivia
Reiatsu Colour: Golden

Physical Description

Short cropped silver blond hair frames his angular face. A leanly muscled and wiry frame belies the huge strength he possesses. When in casual clothes, whenever he can get away with it, he favours brown leather pants and a long blue coat with the sleeves ripped off. A pair of boots and a single fingerless glove on his left hand completes what he believes to be a very attractive look. When forced by his employment into more formal attire he point blank refuses to wear a suit and so dons a set of martial arts robes to suit his position as the schools martial arts teacher.


A dusty "have fist will travel" traveller, Gene spends most of his time travelling across the world seeking enjoyment wherever he can find it, be this in the form of alcohol, women or a damned good fight. When push comes to shove he has a keen sense of justice and a kind nature and this, along with a bit of pressure now and then from Olivia, causes him to find himself frequently pushed into the role of protector which he cheerfully accepts with a constant stream of complaints. He's is frequently rather outspoken and tends to complain whenever he's not cracking terrible jokes. Thanks to the orders of the enigmatic Olivia he's been forced to find employment at J city central high school as the martial arts teacher. This puts him in a position to watch over the battle that seems to be going on in the town and, Olivia hopes, will knock some sense into him with the responsibility. Sadly the only thing being knocked around so far is the students.


Divine Hand, the source of gene's power. The entirety of his right arm has been replaced with a powerful spirit form substitute after loosing the original to a hollow seeking to devour a girl with high spiritual power that gene was attempting to protect. He awoke the next day with the Digirsu attached to his body, its power contained by the "Esdame-lam", a bracer that allows him to control his power. When released this boosts his spiritual power to monstrous levels far beyond what a human could ever acomplish but strangely this power seems to be unlike that of the quincy's or shinigami, but more closely linked to the powers of hollows. When activated Esdame-lam disappears into his arm a series of curving tattoos stretch from his shoulder to his hand where it takes the form of thinner fingers extending across his own. While activated it allows him access to several tiered abilities, each increasingly more dangerous to his own life force.

Tilsar Gesbugaz
lit End World Defeat with Fists, Gene grabs his opponent and throws them to the floor, then he punches the on the floor with a burst of loosely focussed reaitsu the spreads outwards in all directions likely causing a small earthquake in the area around him and severely damaging those in the burst radius.

Gene starts doing something that looks like charging a cero, but instead of his hand or mouth charging a ball of energy it's the tattoo that glows, and gathers the energy which it then channels down to Gene's fist, followed shortly by… A horrific flurry of punches backed up by a solid ball of invisible reaistu formed around his Digirsu.

Isiben Zi
High Exorcist's Right Hand, Gene pulls his right arm back then focuses and amplifies all his reiastu into his palm which the then released in a beam not unlike cero, though over a much more concentrated area thus vastly increasing its power.

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