Hans Rojak

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Hans Rojak is the self-proclaimed "leader" of the Bount who invaded Hueco Mundo. Although he is believed by the Espada when he calls himself their "leader," he is actually lying, and most of the other Bount are in fact suspicious of him. It's not hard to see why.

Appearance: Rojak always dresses in an ankle-length, battered black trenchcoat and an old-fashioned gas mask, the bottom of which can slide away. He wears black leather gloves and huge black boots. Underneath all this, he is about six ft 2 inches tall, skeletally thin, and so pale he is almost translucent. His mouth is filled with small sharp teeth.

UPDATE: Since becoming an Olympian and having his youth restored, Hans has changed significantly. He's still skeletally thin, but he now wears black robes open at the chest. The gas mask is gone and so are the panpipes. Now he has a normal face apart from a certain skull-like lack of nose, and long, ragged white hair reaching down behind his back that has a thin lock of dark blue in it hanging down in front of his face.

Personality: Rojak is an evil madman who sincerely believes that what he does is right. He enjoys manipulating others to his own ends. There is never any passion in his voice and his face is always masked - thus, he has gotten into the habit of stating his emotions out loud, to let people know how he feels.

Doll: Schweigen (German for "silence"). Unlike most Bount, Rojak's doll does not speak - it merely "plays" itself in order to let Rojak know how it feels. Schweigen is a small set of wooden panpipes, always worn at the end of some frayed string around his neck.

By playing one of five different tunes on these panpipes, Hans can do various things such as:

1) Make everyone within earshot lose all their memory up to a random point in their past (so, for example, a Shinigami might flash back to being a 4th seat or whatever and not be able to remember anything after that, an Espada might lose himself in the memories of how he was as a human or as a mindless Hollow).

2) Sending everyone within earshot to sleep unless they perform what you might call a "will save," i.e. having enough heroic resolve to keep their eyes open. Even if this is the case, and they don't fall asleep, they still grow fatigued.

3) Aggravating wounds so that they grow in size and severity. The wounds must already be there, however.

4) Making himself insubstantial, like a ghost, unable to attack or defend while incorporeal. (Turning corporeal suddenly can have nasty results, however… )

5) Turning himself invisible and able to fly, with only the sound of his panpipes making him detectable.

The effects only last as long as he is playing the tune, and he fights with his hands, as well, so he cannot keep playing while trying to do damage. This is the reason he isn't godly powerful. Also, he can only play one tune at a time, for obvious reasons, and some Kido, and elemental abilities such as fire, effect him while he is in his "ghost" form.

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