Hades looks to be about the age of a young teenager, with blonde hair. Half of his face is hidden with a black, ornate mask that blocks all sight, with chains attached to the bracelets on his wrists. He wears a hooded, black robe that covers most of his body. Underneath it all he is covered in ritualistic tattoos that are spread to every inch of his body except his face and hands. He is constantly carrying around a machine-like book covered in ancient runes, with a clock face on the front cover. Red strips of paper lined with runes circle his body.


Hades tends to be short with anyone he speaks to, not revealing much, if anything. Though when he does speak at length, it tends to be cryptic.


Gonzui: This ability draws in souls of Pluses over a large radius (about a mile). He doesn't actually consume them, but compresses them into spiritual material to use for his other powers.

Libris Mortis: Hades has the ability to create numerous types of beings from the souls drawn in from Gonzui.

  • Zombies: Mindless drones. (They can run) Chance of infecting Pluses and weaker spiritual beings with similar status.
  • Skeletons: Quick skirmishers. Can rebuild themselves, if all the bones aren't destroyed.
  • Mummies: Slow, some hierro, paralyze foes with their touch.
  • Dullahan: Armored. Headless knights, powerful (seated shinigami level).
  • Fallen Angel: Fliers. Ranged combatants, use kido.
  • Ghosts: Partly incorporeal. Acts somewhat like a shield: Can't be passed through, physical blows are inneffective, but Kido destroys them.

Hades can also control normal Hollows; I.E. anything up to Gillians.
The souls can be used to regenerate Hades' wounds.

Transcendence: Memento Mori

Hades can consume all the souls gathered with Gonzui, granting him massive power. Unknown as of yet.

Other powers

Hades' book holds many dark secrets; some of which are spells akin to kido, which he gathered and developed over his long existence. He also holds all known kido and variations thereof in his book.

Words of Destruction

  • Alpha: Fires a destructive beam that is on par with a gran rey cero.
  • Theta: Fires 12 cero-equivalent blasts.
  • Iota: Summons a storm of black lightning bolts.
  • Omega: Summons up a spectral black hole. Uses all of the souls Hades has gathered with Gonzui. The power of the blast is dependant on how many souls have been gathered.

Words of Binding

  • Alpha: Wraps the target in spiritual fiber.
  • Delta: Surrounds the target in a triangle of golden chains.
  • Mu: Entirely negates the presence of reiatsu, reishi, and all senses in an area.


Hades is almost always surrounded by the five ghosts that provide a physical barrier for him: Acheron, Cocytus, Phlegethon, Lethe, and Styx.

In addition, he has a spectral Gillian known as Charon that sometimes follows him around, completely immune to physical damage (blocks it like a ghost), but vulnerable to powerful enough kido.

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