Gregory Raspin

Name: Gregor Raspin
Race: Spiritually Aware Human (British)
Age: ~18
Reiatsu: Teal

Origin: There are numerous people who will tell you that Britain is a bit crap. The French will lambast the food, the Americans will talk about the weather (and the teeth), the Spanish will bemoan the people, and Iran will go as far as to call it the most evil country in the world.

Ironically, Iran’s probably the closest to the mark.

Because after more than two thousand years of being conquered (and generally assimilating the conquerors), conquering, and changing national identity and religion like a tennis ball changes direction (we’re looking at you, Tudor dynasty), Britain’s Reapers have more or less abandoned their own country, staying holed up in their afterlife castles and forts like the lords and ladies they are, while the peasants of the mortal world are largely left to fend for themselves, protected from the masked terrors of the spirit world only by Quincies, the spiritually aware, and the occasional renegade psychopomp. So for the most part Britain is Hollow country, with the largest concentration of working British Reapers being in Australia, of all places.

Gregory Raspin, then, despite being a mercenary, a keeper of tormented souls, and a total ***, is still considered a force for good in his own country. Relatively speaking. After all, the guybinds Hollows into bottles – they may not have been purified, or even destroyed as the Merrimen Quincy would prefer, but every Hollow not devouring someone is worth something, right?

The fact that these Hollows are then wielded against other Hollows, consuming them and becoming ever-stonger, is something that should likely worry his few advocates amongst the spiritually-aware community. As is the fact that he has, in recent times, left for pastures greener – ostensibly for a gap year, of all things.

Personality: Gregor enjoys the company of others mostly for the chances it gives him to elevate himself with snide remarks. He might be considered a decent sort in deed (if not in word or intent) - petty theft is considered beneath him, and he will avoid needless murder or assault. However, he treats Hollows as things to be harnessed rather than people in need of help, he treats people in need of help as opportunities rather than ditto, and is totally amoral when money or other incentives are on the line.

Appearance: At 18, Gregor has greasy, slicked back hair, growing-in sideburns and a full-on goatee, alongside a face that could be described as gaunt, were the cheekbones more defined. His eyes are a regular sea-blue, but in the wrong light you might swear the sclera were black. He generally wears jeans or shorts, depending on the weather, alongside a slogan-covered t-shirt and a trenchcoat filled with bottles and jars. He picked up a sword-cane on a recent trip to London, something which would be illegal were the blade visible to anyone outside of the spiritually aware.

Abilities: Gregor's observed abilities place him somewhere around mid-Vice-Captain level, though this is subject to change. He has few physical abilities, only using his cane-asauchi as a last resort. Instead, he relies almost entirely on his abilities with western magic (observed to has some equivalence with Kido) and his bound Hollows. It is unknown if there is an upper limit to the number of Hollows he is able to bind and/or control, or what process goes into their binding. All that is known is that he can command them like pets, and has been seen temporarily bonding with them to use their powers as his own.

Since arriving in Japan, Gregory has been hired by Moulton & Grandier, ostensibly a law firm. In their service he's been paired up with Obutsu Dokami, a partner he's rapidly building a rapport with.

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