Gotei 13

The Gotei 13, the Shinigami 13 Protection Squads, is the main organization in Soul Society and one of the three main branches of the military power. It is split into 13 divisions, each one commanded by a Captain and a Vice-Captain. Overall, they are directed by Commander-General Hayashi Daisuke, Captain of Squad 1.



1st. Division

Captain: Hayashi Daisuke (Captain-Commander)
Vice-Captain: Izumito Akira

2nd. Division

Captain: Satoshi Tsukami
Vice-Captain: Ryuunosuke Kenji

3rd Seat: None
5th Seat: Kambei Shimada
11th Seat: Fuma Sakon
12th Seat: Date Dosan
19th Seat: Hinata Nobunaga
Unseated: Hattori Naomasa
Unseated: Shimazu Soun
Unseated: Azai Masanori
Unseated: Alicia Eve Ryder

3rd. Division

Captain: Maeda Katsuhito
3rd Seat: Maru Karabai

4th. Division

Captain: Taniko

Vice-Captain: Xavier
3rd Seat: Feiyan Tewulan
4th Seat: Hisanori Hazuki

5th. Division

Captain: Nannan Iwai

Vice-Captain: Takamoto Kenta

3rd Seat: Kiyeshi
8th Seat: Senna Rukuchia

6th. Division

Captain: Shiaki Koujin
Vice-Captain: Damara Shishihara

6th Seat: Toshi Madara NPC

7th. Division

Captain: Hara Tai

Co-Vice-Captains: Vasae Ikaru and Kusato Ikaru

8th. Division

Captain: Darius Kiljaeran
Vice Captain: Kobayashi Connor

9th. Division

Captain: Aiko Honoka
Vice Captain: Ito Makato

10th. Division

Captain: Vince
Vice Captain: Myojin Isamaru

11th. Division

Captain: Cecilia Reishiro

Vice-Captain: Carmen Arule

3rd Seat: Daito Juuji

4th Seat Ken Dai
18th Seat: Maiteo

12th. Division

Captain: Kinkuzo Kukakya

Vice-Captain: Lexandra Kaizuki

3rd Seat: Kikuchi Kohaku

4th Seat: Kusuriya Suiyaku
5th Seat: Kibajo Kokokon
6th Seat: Kureji Niji

13th. Division

Captain: Siegfried Bieber

Vice-Captain: Mao Mitsuko
3rd Seat: Yori Chie (NPC), Nasumi Komoharu
7th Seat: Abukara Ai (NPC)

Unseated Squads
Sato Squad
Takahashi Squad
Adrián Visangre
Ito Squad
Suzuki Squad

Kido Corps

Captain: Hideki Kotetsu
Vice-Captain Oboro Kuenai
Unseated: Ryoichi Yasu

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