Goidden, AKA Gaia, Goddess of Earth

Goidden was an ex-Rokungai resident who found herself very angry when Rokungai was severely damaged by The Espada and their Fraccions. She blamed the Shinigami for it and found herself quickly finding favour with Harubo, who she thought had claimed he would end both sides for a state of perfect normality. Once taken to Mount Olympus she underwent the transformation (OH SWEETLORD THE PAIN!) and became Gaia, Goddes of Earth.

During life she was a pregnant mother when she was killed by a random massacre in a crowded place. Of course both herself and her unborn child died. She remained on the Mortal World because she was searching for the soul of her poor child. Eventually a Shinigami found her and sent her to Rukongai. This also added to her anger to the Shinigami.

As Gaia, she learnt to form items from the ground and even bestow life on it.

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