Captain of the 13th Division


Giriko is a dedicated and caring man, those of whom remember him certainly recall his gentle and outwardly calming nature. Before he left Soul Society he was well known in Rukongai for his calm attitude and ready sleepy smile, and his willingness to play with many of the roving bands of children, reports even indicating he aided in several petty robberies with several small gangs. Though in each instance he quietly requested all stolen goods returned and the gangs in question be given free supplies instead of punished.


Giriko is a slight and thin man, his Captains Haori hanging off his thin shoulders, practically consuming him in white. He wears his black hair long, the vast majority of it pulled back, though inevitably his bangs fall into his face, he sports facial hair though most refer to it as simply scruff, giving him an over all appearance as if he had just woke up from a nap. Along with his willowy build, Giriko is notoriously short, standing roughly 5’4’’. He dresses in the traditional garb of a Shinigami Captain, but wears several thin chains around his right wrist. Beneath his bangs, the kanji for Sin is tattooed to his forehead in dark green ink

Zanpaktou, Tsumi (Sin)

Tsumi is a completely nondescript katana, both its sheath and handle made out of simple redwood. When sheathed it appears as nothing more than a bokken. When unsheathed, one can note the strange blue tinted steel of the blade. The handle is oddly shaped, allowing Giriko to wield it with its blade pointing to the ground or as a traditional sword as the mood and combat suits him. Tsumi’s spirit appears as a young girl, though standing rather tall at 6’10’’ dressed in a simple wrap around her chest and a long hakama, both colored black. Her hair is a pale white like snow and her eyes are blank pools of white, offsetting her dark tan.

Shikai, "Akubi, Tsumi!" (Yawn, Sin)

In its released state Tsumi becomes a rather large chainsaw, its hilt replacing the typical hand grip on a mortal version. Despite its wielders size, Tsumi is rather large, its “blade” slightly longer than that of a typcial katana, the grip being roughly the size of a two handed sword. The teeth of the chain saw are replaced with curved dagger sized blades that glow faintly with a dark green spiritual energy.

Bankai: "Bow Before the Imperfect Me"

Tsumi bursts into a myrid of pieces, reforming around Giriko hands, up to just below his elbow. While performing Bankai Giriko’s general strength is increased slightly, his punches capable of breaking through several feet of stone with little effort. The metal can shape itself around his hands to form rather dexterous gloves, or strange ornamental boxing gloves that pulse with green runes. He can fire off powerful blasts of dark green energy while so equipped, his blast’s similar to various high powered kido spells such as Hiryugekizokushintenraiho. While in his glove stage he is capable of earth manipulation, even capable of twisting and bending metal to his will.

Other powers of note

Giriko is only slightly above average in shunpo and kido, on par with a Vice Captain. Despite this he is rather well versed with the first Hado: Sho, and is capable of performing the kido several times in a row without incantation or hand gestures. Giriko is rather well versed in Hakudo despite his size, able to knock down opponents with a single well placed punch many times his size and physical strength. Unlike most Captains and Shinigami, Giriko’s spiritual pressure has an odd calming effect, those significantly weaker then himself have noted a warm feeling, as if wrapped in a thick wool blanket and rocked to sleep.

General Fighting Tactics

A master in the art of combat, Giriko has grown accustomed to fighting foes on equal footing, using his limited range of mastered skills to their fullest potential. His most common strategy is to push and control the enemy’s movements with Sho, knocking them prone or into a corner before engaging in direct Hakudo. It is rare for him to draw his sword, and rarer still to enter Bankai, though when doing so he often fights lazily to draw his opponent into a false sense of security, bore unleashing his full attack power when they over reach or struggle to regain their footing against his power. He utilizes his calming reiatsu to full effect, attempting to avoid any and all combat when and where he can.

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