First Division

First Division has a number of duties, mostly aiding in the running of the Gotei 13 in particular, and Seretei in general. They also do have some combat power, but promotion whithin 1st is based a lot more on non-combat abilities (although Daisuke will get anyone above 15th seat who doesn't have Shikai already put through some pretty intensive training until they do).
As in Canon, the maing distincion of the 1st Division is that their Captain is the Commander-General. In fact, the position of Captain of the 1st is an ex officio position that automatically passes to the Commander-General.

Basic Stats and Description

Division Size: ~200. 20 seated officers, and 180 unseated.

Division Training Levels: The 1st tends to attract those who have skill in paperwork, as well as having a basic level of skill in combat. The actual type of skill in combat can be anything, with Kido specialists and Swordsmanship specialists working together.
Due to the personality of the current Commander-General, a large number of 1st haveā€¦ creative personalities, and are able to cut through red tape, or generate it.


Paperwork: The 1st, to a large degree, is a division that mainly does paperwork, filling out forms that get the results that Daisuke needs, and then getting his approval (if this is needed). This gives Daisuke a lot more time to do what he needs to do. They also will often work to figure out for him a legal point, or the complications of a particular action.

Timetabling: The 1st also looks after Daisuke's timetable to a considerable extent. This is complicated by the fact that Daisuke has a tendency to ignore his timetable and just do what he sees needs doing.

Really, what 1st is for is helping Daisuke keep it all running semi-smoothly, and it works tirelessly towards this aim.

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