Felix Sergiu

First Knight of the New Enclave

Appearance and Personality


Felix is tall with a relatively thin build. A short mess of dirty-blond hair sits atop his head, sometimes covering his young face in shadows, which give him a rather intimidating appearance, despite his age. His eyes, while a dull gray in color, seem very dark and disturbed to anyone looking into them, adding to his troubled visage.

Felix usually wears simple clothing, mostly as he tries to avoid unwanted attention… For his time period, that is. He is most often seen wearing simple white shirts and dark pants without any kind of specific style (for the mid-1800s, mind you). However, he wears a large cuirass of leather armor over his torso and finger-less leather gloves, which he tucks the sleeves of his baggy shirt into. He also is usually seen wearing a thin belt, to which he attached the holster for the pistol he took from his late mentor Gabriel. Most of the time, he keeps his rapier sheathed at his side as well as any other items or equipment he may need tucked into pouches on his belt.

Felix is young and inexperienced. Although he is a brave individual, who will do whatever necessary to fend off evil, when placed in a position of leadership, he struggles with his own self. While he has proven to have the skills, he lacks the belief in himself to properly lead. This conflict, which can almost be seen raging just beneath the surface of his eyes, is what drives Felix to search for his place in the world.


Reconcilio - The standard-issue Enclave Glyph is inscribed upon his rapier and his pistol.

Eximius - The pistol Felix wields (which he took from Gabriel) is inscribed with a Glyph that allows him to fire small, magical bullets as if they were regular ammunition, but without the need for gunpowder or additional bullets. They glyph has other abilities as well, such as being able to fire bolts of black lightning, but Felix is still inexperienced in its use, so he does not yet know how to use it to its full potential.

Luminatio - Felix's rapier is also inscribed with a Glyph that imbues the blade with a white glow, allowing it to cut through solid objects more easily. He can also cause the blade to flash with a bright light, which he can then use as a distraction. When he concentrates, he can also fire large orbs of light that will follow their target for a short time and explode on impact. However, the orbs are slow moving and can be dodged fairly easily.

Velox - Rather than imbue his leather armor with additional strength, Felix chose the route of agility. The Glyph he inscribed into his cuirass allows him to move considerably faster than normal, though he must concentrate to keep it active for long periods of time.

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