Erscheinung Von Geister


Affiliation: Toho's Arrancar
Rank: Cuarta Espada
Reiatsu Colour: Dark Slate Gray.
Aspect of Death: Fear.

Physical Description

Erscheinung is a tall and slightly gaunt old man, his hair is gray, long and always messed and slightly smelly. His eyes are a dark shade of gray and his face bears an odd "old man" smile, he does not bear any great wrinkles. His uniform is the standard Arrancar hakama, with the addition of a long white cape. He uses his zampaktou as a walking stick. The remains of Erscheinung's hollow mask appear as pauldrons over his shoulders, with the teeth pointing down, and elongated jawbones forming a high collar around his neck. He does not have an Espada tatoo, and his hollow hole is concealed by his clothes, but covers most of his abdominal area, his hollow hole is so wide it begs the question of how the upper part of his body stays in place.


Erscheinung keeps up a friendly act, smiling and willing to talk peacefully before resorting to combat. To his fraccion, he acts like a father, treating them like daugthers. Among the Espada he dislikes the segunda and tries to keep a decent relationship with the others.
As the Espada of fear, Erscheinung enjoys taunting and demeaning his oponents based on their reactions to his abilities and finds special joy in psychic torture.

Zanpakutou: Pesadelo (Nightmare)

Pesadelo is Erscheinung's cane, it is two feet long and boasts a round headpiece with a spiral pattern over it, the object is blunt, but strong and heavy enough to be effectively used as a club.

Velo del Miedo - Veil of Fear

Erscheinung can project a psychic glammer from himself that affects the senses. This veil causes an hallucination that takes the form of the onlooker's worst fears. Erscheinung himself does not inherently know what the victim sees.


Erscheinung's telekinesis is based around the control of reishi (also known as spiritrons or spirit particles). This ability allows the sudden creation of a wide variety of objects, including weapons and artificial individuals and creatures. This ability also allows him to unmake most objects formed of spirit particles, zanpakutous being one of the few exceptions, he cannot control seki-seki and similar materials.
Further, Von geister can cause the reishi particles in an object to vibrate up to 1,500,000 times per second. These vibrations cause weapons to ignore the even the strongest resistances of most creatures and objects.

Bala Master

Erscheinung can fire bala with great precision and incredible speed, superior to most other espada. He can fire ten balas simultaneously form his fingers.

Cero Master

Erscheinung is capable of charging ceros in only a fraction of a second. His ceros also boast great power and speed. He is also capable of performing numerous unique cero techniques, such as cero doble and cero sincretico (which he can perform alone, thanks to his Dos Ceros).

Dos Ceros - Two Ceros.

Erscheinung can fire two ceros simultaneously while in his sealed state, they can be aimed at different targets or at the same target for devastating effect. This ability can also be used in conjunction with Gran Rey Cero.

Garganta Master

Erscheinung's control of garganta was trained to the point he prefers this ability for tactical movement over Sonido at times. He may also use garganta to snipe at his enemies from Hueco Mundo, and even as an offensive or defensive ability itself (see Garganta del Vacío). He is also able to use garganta to project images from far, an ability usually called "garganta broadcast".

Garganta del Vacío - Throat of the Void

Erscheinung's garganta can cause a potent windstorm towards itself, much like a whirlwind, this can drag opponents, allies and even attacks into the garganta, and drop them wherever he happened to target the opposing end.


Von Geister is a strongly psychic entity, capable of producing psychic stactic that interferes with mental attacks and even hijacking telepathic contact nearby, he cannot initiate mental contact himself, however.
While in his released states he is capable of invading the minds of other beings with physical contact, once inside he is capable of altering their minds throughtly, given enough time to perform the deed without interferences.

Resurrección "Haunt, Pesadelo."

Erscheinung's form becomes a shroud of thick gray mists. The mask renmants over his shoulders join and enlarge, becoming a white mouth with vertical opening and endless small, sharp white teeth. Four pale hands with six clawed fingers each hover around this form, a black ichor slowly falling from the stumps of the wrists.

Erscheinung's resurrección causes him to exist in multiple adjacent planes at once, and allows him to control the density of his mass in any one plane, without ever fully vanishing from any one. This allows him to shift between a corporeal and an incorporeal state freely. Von Geister is capable of agile flight while in this form, as well as passing through solid objects. Kido and similar magic can always affect him.

Beneath the gray shroud that covers his body is a mass of long tentacles, as well as four skeletal, bat-like wings with six fingers each.

Balas Numerosas - Numerous Balas

Erscheinung can fire bala twice as fast as normal when ressurrection is active.

Cuatro Ceros - Four Ceros

Erscheinung can release four cero attacks simultaneously while in resurrección. This ability is otherwise identical to Dos Ceros.


In his released state Erscheinung can control a vastly larger number of reishi particles and with greater finesse than in his sealed state. Further, he can cause the particles to vibrate up to 3,000,000 times per second.

Dampened Spiritual Pressure

Because Von Geister's being is spred over numerous planes, his spiritual pressure becomes greatly dampened while in resurreccion, he can impose the full weight of this pressure on a single plane with ease, however.

Resurrección Segunda Etapa "Pesadelo Antigo."

Von Geister assumes a large, humanoid shape while in his segunda etapa, this form is of an utter, inky black coloration and sports four skeletal wings on its back, it has no features on its head save for numerous thin, long that resemble hair, it has four long arms with clawed hands sporting six fingers, the body trails into a diffuse mass beneath the waist, without legs.
While in segunda etapa Von Geister retains his multidimensional nature, but his body is comprised entirely of reiryoku (spiritual energy) as opposed to actual substance, because of this he does not normaly radiate any spiritual pressure while in this form.

Greater Telekinesis

In segunda etapa, Erscheinung's telekinesis becomes vastly more powerful, to offset his innability to actually exert strength over material objects and creatures. He may cause reishi to vibrate as fast as 4,000,000 time sper second in this form and can control enough of ambient particles to create massive weather effects.

Tormenta de Balas - Rain of Bullets.

Erscheinung may release a true rain of bala attacks while in segunda etapa, this is an extremely fast and destructive attack.

Ocho Ceros - Eight Ceros.

In segunda etapa, Erscheinung can simmultaneously project eight cero blasts. He does not need to charge the ceros at all, releasing the energy blasts at such high speed that mumerous sequential blasts might appear to be the same.

Cero Pálido - Pale Cero.

Most arrancar believe that the strongest energy blast is the dark cero that consumes light itself. This is not true, at least not in Erscheinung's opinion. To him, the mightiest cero is the one with its own gray radiance that forces true light away and turns the very world colorless and dull as it passes. This is Cero Pálido, a blast of such potency that it warps space upon it's passage, pulling nearby objects and creatures into the blast. Unlike other ceros, Erscheinung must charge the Cero Pálido for a few moments before firing.

Spiritual Void

Erscheinung passively feeds on ambient reiryoku to replenish himself while in segunda etapa. Since his body is made of reiryoku, most spiritual attacks drain Von Geister of considerable amounts of energy, this ability allowing him to


Erscheinung can possess a target, taking control over their bodies, powers and abilities. but becoming unable to use his own as he does so. A creature possessed by him gains a black aura, and the individual's skin becomes slightly darker. Additionally, the individual possessed gains Hierro, along with a considerable boost in physical strength, agility and endurance. While controling a creature, Von Geister is inside its body, and shares any damage that he would suffer with the host. The opposite is not true, as attacks that only prove harmful to the host will not affect him. While in this state he can also quickly feed on the host's reiryoku to replenish himself.

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