Eleventh Division

Eleventh Division is the Combat Division.

Basic Stats and Description

Division Size: 400. 20 Seated Officers (Including Captain and Vice-Captain), 380 Unseated.

Other Notes: 11th Division spend their entire time exercising hard, sparring in their barracks, or getting drunk and partying en masse, when they are not out hurting things for real. The constant mock-combat means that they are the foremost melee combatants of Soul Society. The Division are very close-knit and incredibly loyal, considering themselves "one big happy family" with Shirubaru at the head. This brotherly affection, of course, usually translates to good-humoured fighting and insults. The 11th Division place a great emphasis on the honour of the fight, and how good fun combat is only marred by the kill at the end of it, which is a necessary and saddening end to the fight. They also place emphasis on the fact that opponents should be respected and people should not fight dirty.

The 11th Division used to be very different, however. The emphasis used to be on the raw pleasure of killing and spilling blood. Fighting dirty was considered half the fun. Shirubaru has worked for the past 80 years to change this into what the 11th Division is today - although occasionally he himself slips into fighting like an old-school 11th Divisioner.


WAAAAAGHHH: Point the 11th Division or a member thereof at an enemy. Wait until the noise dies down.

Humility Aid: The 2nd Division claim to be the toughest of all the Divisions. It is a time-honoured tradition for the 11th Division to loudly contest this at every opportunity.

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