Donavon Sintclare

Fourth Knight of the New Enclave

Appearance and Personality


The Fourth Knight of the Enclave, Donavon was the last to take the mantle of knighthood onto his shoulders, thus taking the fourth position. A bright and inquisitive man, Donavon acts as the Fourth Knight's librarian and researcher despite the Knights having no formal duties. Donavon's past is slightly cloudly, having joined the Enclave at a fairly young age, quickly climbing in rank through his teen years. Despite his murky past, or perhaps because of it, he is a zealous member of the Enclave, and champions their cause through out the world.

Under his armor and mask, Donavon has short, light brown hair and glittering blue eyes. He is almost never seen without his signature armor, easily picked out on the battlefield.


Donavon has three special Glyphs of Note, the first being inserted into one of his gloves, the second into his boots, and the third inserted into his chest piece. His Reconcilio glyph is interested into his other glove.

Glyph of Gentle Interposition: This glyph allows Donavon to create varying shields of energy. These shields range from narrow bands intending to block singled attacks, to large dome shaped objects capable of shielding numerous people at a time.

Glyph of the Nephilim: This Glyph, placed on the soles of Donavon’s boots, allow him to duplicate the effects of Sonido, quickly dashing around the battlefield with little effort or thought. It is important to note, that while the nature of Glyphs do not allow for multiple effects to act simultaniously, the Glyph of the Nephilim takes little actual thought to use, allowing for quick, seemless usage.

Third Glyph of Resplendent Creation: A powerful glyph in its own right, the Third Glyph of Resplendent Creation allows the wielder to create energy “constructs” from latent spiritual energy. These effects are visibly similar to kido, most often manifesting as one might refer to as a spell. The glyph can create and maintain longer duration constructions, such as swords, hammers, short bridges or shelters, but due to the nature of Glyphs, such things are highly impractical for combat usage.

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