Differences From Canon

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Soul Society

  • Second Division and the Stealth Corps are the same organisation.
  • Twelfth Division and the Shinigami Research Institute are integrated organisations.
  • Separate Soul Societies exist for various regions of the globe, with variations in the abilities of their "shinigami".
    • The American Reaper Corps use zanpakuto shaped like firearms which are less reliant on a bond between weapon and master to use. Shikai and Bankai are referred to as First and Second Augmentations, respectively. They do not rank officers according to power.
    • It was originally believed that the Soul Society of the British Isles functioned similarly to Japan's, with Princes instead of Captains and a great knowledge of Kido, including spells above level 99. This was actually a hoax by one of Britain's real psychopomps, a Fae, Owynn ap Morrigna, who used his power over shadow to duplicate these effects. In reality, British Soul Society, or Arcadia, functions so differently from Japan's as to be largely unrecognisable.
  • Vizards are not banished from Soul Society and upon Vizardification are given help to master it. Many of the Captains are Vizards.

Hueco Mundo

  • Resureccion Segunda Etapa is not restricted to one character or even to Espada, but not all Espada possess it. All espada with a second release can use Cero Oscuras.

Laws of Las Noches

  • The use of Gran Rey Cero is not forbidden beneath the dome.
  • The four top Espada may use their releases beneath the dome, but are expected to refrain from destroying too much.
  • It is unlawful for numéros to attack other numéros. To do so is a crime punished with twenty public whipings.
  • It is unlawful to damage the structures of Las Noches unless during combat with hostile forces. To do so is a crime punished with ten public whippings.
  • It is unlawful to abandon Las Noches without warning for more than a month. To do so is treason, punished with reeducation.
  • It is unlawful to question the Supremacy of Toho. To do so is treason, punished with reeducation.

Punishments by public whipping will be delivered by templario Vicenzo Scamozo, and might result in third degree burns.
Reeducation shall be ministered by Erscheinung Von Geister. This display is not public.

Mortal World


  • The Quincy have become a highly secretive organisation after the war, with a paranoid council of elders and chapters scattered around the world.
  • Due to a treaty with Soul Society, modern Quincy learn a modified version of their normal techniques which send their targets to Soul Society instead of destroying them.1 Some Quincy, though, have relearned the old ways in secret - their original technique is more powerful and retards healing.
    • The Knights Templar are a religious offshoot of the Quincy who were never subject to the treaty.
  • It is rumoured that Quincy can attain a "Zealot Form" unique to the individual and equivalent in power to a Bankai. This has not yet been seen in the RP.


  • Apart from the very oldest, all Bount in the setting were spawned directly from the old Soul Society labs responsible for their creation, rather than being born to human parents. This is due to tampering with the equipment carried out by Hans Rojak and Xander Glareciados.
  • Hollowfied and Shinigamified Bount are possible, called Unbount and Bonded respectively. Unbount have their dolls fused with them, taking the main effect of Hollowfication, and can enter a state akin to Resureccion, known as Effigy form. Bonded are likewise fused with their doll, as it becomes their zanpaktou spirit, which in turn is able to perform Shikai and Bankai, no different than any normal Shinigami.


  • A manga named Bleach exists, though it is fairly obscure. It was produced by a group containing both spiritually active beings and normal humans, who use Tite Kubo as a pen-name, including Mia Von Geister. Mia had intended it to be anti-shinigami propaganda, but executive meddling caused it to drift from this course after the Soul Society arc. Readers of the manga include Nazo Metta and Teller of Woven Tales, both of whom have used their powers to copy abilities from it on occasion.
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