Date Dosan

Name: Date Dosan - Dead

Division: Second Division

Rank: 12th Seat

Physical Appearance: Date is a thinner man, at 6'0" tall and 165 lbs. His blond hair is vaguely untidy, but it doesn't clash with his surprisingly pale skin (if asked, Date was born in Mortal Europe before he passed on). His blue eyes are generally very soft and kind.

Personality: Date tends to offset Fuma somewhat in personality, as he has been Fuma's 2nd in Command for many years. Often, he'll take care to assign the precise details on the general objectives Fuma lays out. His personality tends to be more detail oriented, so this works out well for both of them.

Reiatsu/Speech: Dark Orange

Zanpaktou: Korin (Holy Aura)

Zanpaktou Sealed Form: A tachi with a green handle and a square guard.

Shikai Command: Strike like lightning.

Shikai: A nodachi with a green handle and a gold 4-point star as the guard. It can electrify itself, causing greater damage to the enemy, and even melting through tougher materials, given time.

General Ability Rankings:
Ranked 1.0 to 10.0. 1.0 is worst (new Academy student) and 10.0 is best (undisputed master).

Stealth: 6.5

Escape Artistry: 5.9

Infiltration Skills: 6.0

Hand-to-Hand: 7.2

Footwork/Shunpo: 8.5

Swordsmanship: 8.8

Kido (Overall): 6.0
Bakudo: 4.0
Hado: 8.0

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