3rd seat of the 11th Division

Reiatsu: Red with blue streaked in every so often


Dannan is appears to be a man in his early 20s with a clean-shaven face. His short cut hair is crimson with blue highlights here and there. Lighter red eyes and a face-splitting grin give his slim form an unsettling air (his smile is broken only when people touch his hair). To add to his deathly appearance he carries a blade with a skull rather than a hilt guard, with it's mouth opening, as though it were spitting a blade from it.


Dannan is usually seen with a silly grin on his face and has a propensity towards violence. He often provokes fights himself by throwing insults at others and has earned the respect of the 11th squad in doing so. He has an extreme loathing for women and isn't shy about it, and absolutely flips out if anyone touches his hair. Another curious quirk of his, is that whenever he releases, he calls his zanpakuto Suki no Noomin (Farmer's Plow) to limit its power not unlike a certain canon fifth seat.

Zanpakuto: Tamakari (Harvester of Souls)


A katana with a skull where a hilt-guard should be with an open mouth for the blade to protrude.

Shikai: "Nome, Tamakari"

His scythe's handle looks as though it is made of obsidian bones and at the top of the totem, is an open-mouthed skull which the blade appears to be exiting from. As he cuts a victim, Dannan's Zanpakuto seems to absorb or "drink" their missing flesh and blood. He is in fact absorbing the spirit particles through his blade and into himself, allowing him to bolster his reiatsu anywhere he wants (like his blade or himself) or repair injuries.

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