Damara Shishihara

Vice-Captain of the 6th Division Squad


A young man in his prime, Damara has a slender but very fit form. His eyes are brown and observant, and he studies new people or phenomena very carefully when he first encounters them. His hair is black, and kept short with a conservative cut. His personal appearance is immaculate, without so much as a hair out of place. This is not due to vanity; he simply feels it is his duty to look proper because of his high position, and in times of great stress or concern he begins to look more unkempt. Damara wears the standard Shinigami uniform, with no personal additions or changes with the exception of a small silver neck band. He wears his Zanpakuto on his left hip. Since achieving Bankai, Damara has taken to wearing a thin white shawl that hangs to either side of his neck, on the front of his body, going down to his feet.


When he is alone or in the company of those he doesn't know well, Damara is a quiet, shy individual who speaks rarely, and softly when he does, and he keeps his face clear of emotion. When with friends, Damara opens up a bit, speaking more often and showing emotion more freely, but he finds it very difficult to make friends. Damara has a keen analytical eye, and is very perceptive of occurrences around him. He is a very meticulous person, and he doesn't do anything by half. Damara's greatest asset is his ability to learn; he can take in information very well, and is excellent at improving himself. Damara is also extremely intelligent. He enjoys learning new hobbies, and has mastered a large number of skills.


Damara was placed in the twenty second district of the Rukongai after his death in the human world. His life there was uninteresting and uneventful. He lived alone in a simple routine without real purpose. He was not happy, but he was content with his simple life. Over time, however, he noticed that he aged at an extremely slow rate compared to his neighbors and other people that he saw on a regular basis (As he did not have any close friends, he did not realize that hunger was also a sign of spiritual power). With this knowledge, he realized that that meant he had a significant level of spiritual energy, qualifying him to enter the Shinigami academy. Damara had long envied the Shinigamis of the sereitei, as the thought of keeping balance between the two worlds appealed to him.
Leaving his routine, Damara entered the Shinigami academy and plied his studies with the quiet, diligent effort that was characteristic of him. He made few friends in his school days, devoting most of his time to study and practice. His constant efforts paid off, however. Damara got extremely high ranks in all of his classes, showing extraordinary aptitude at sword fighting and a high level of technical ability with Kido.
Damara finally graduated from the academy (valedictorian) and was initially assigned to the Fifth Division Squad. He took well to field work, and quickly gained a reputation as a loyal and hardworking shinigami who was willing to follow orders. Although he still had trouble making actual friends, he was in general well-liked by his squadmates. Damara was assigned to many companies at various points, due to his diverse skill set and inability to fit in well. His most recent and most successful assignment was to the Sixth Squad, where he has been for the past thirty-two years. Over time, Damara has climbed through the ranks at a fast but not startling rate, eventually reaching his current position as Vice-Captain.

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