Daito Juuji

Name: Daito Juuji (first name, last name)
Gender: Male
Age: 80
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 155lbs.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Reiatsu/Speech Color: Sea Green
Division: 11th
Seat: 3rd


Daito is, in one word, casual. His clothing, while not normal issue per se, is still pretty loose and casual. He dislikes standard Shinigami robes, saying they restrict him too much. Instead, he wears fairly loose black pants, a sleeveless shirt with a small turtleneck (most of the shirt is black, but the bit around the neck and the border around the arms are red), and a pair of black tanker boots. His medium brown hair is kept in a long ponytail. He's often found with a confident smile (what some might call a smirk) on his face. (Looks like this guy, but aged about 5 years, and in the outfit described).


Daito is ultimately a product of the new 11th Division. While he enjoys fighting a lot, he also realizes there is a purpose in that fighting. Namely, to protect those who can't fight, or don't yet have the same level of power that he does. He also realizes some may never have that ability. He doesn't look down on them; many possess skills and talents he never will. Especially in the arts. Instead, they're merely sheep that need a sheepdog. To protect them from the wolves. Getting a good fight out of it is just a healthy bonus.

Daito does enjoy other things. An evening at a bar, having a good time with friends, is one of his "simple pleasures" in life. The occasional harmless prank or joke at another's expense livens things up, though he's conscious of some people not appreciating such things as much, and leaves them be. Unless they're someone like Dannan, the (former?) 3rd seat of his Division. Then all bets are off.

Those like Dannan are some of his least favorite people. Prejudiced, cruel, and with no sense of honor; individually, these qualities rouse his ire. Combining them only makes it worse. Thus, the actions of former Vice-Captain Nukari made Daito extraordinarily mad. It was only an honest assessment of his own skills and powers that kept him from charging after the man alongside Shirubaru.

While he greatly enjoyed working with Captain Shirubaru, Daito's found that the Division does run a bit smoother under Cecilia's guidance. He enjoys working with her, and finds the "subtle" looks she and Shirubaru have given each other sometimes to be hilarious. He's left that subject alone, though. All things in time.

General Abilities

Kido: Non-existant. He's a typical 11th Division member. No talent or desire to pursue it.
Hakuda: Basic skills. Mostly Academy form, with a smattering of tricks learned over the years. His style does tend heavily towards kicks.
Hoho: His shunpo is average. While his physical stamina allows him to use a fairly large [I]number[/I] of flash steps, each step is on the lower end of average so far as distance and speed. He mostly uses them for quick evasion.
However, his non-shunpo footwork is excellent. Daito is capable of maintaining his footing on difficult terrain with no real effort exerted. His non-shunpo combat evasion is also excellent. He often uses his surprising flexibility to move out of the way of attacks while staying within his preferred range to the target.
Zanjutsu: Daito's area to really shine. He displays superb skill with the blade, with his technique overall focusing on medium power but high precision. He's also capable of smoothly transitioning between the styles necessary for his sword's sealed form, and its various forms in shikai. He is ambidextrous overall, but favors using his right hand slightly, by default.


Setsudankou (roughly speaking, it means "Cutting Steel")

Inner World

What appears to be the depths of space. However, one can breathe easily there, without feeling particularly cold or hot. Daito always appears somewhere between the orbit of the earth and the moon, though the scale appears…off. As well, he is able to walk around as if there were a solid floor. The stars are very bright in the sky, while the sun is slightly dimmer than real life would dictate.


Setsudankou appears as a slightly younger version of Daito himself. He is wearing a billowing pure black robe, reminiscent of the classic "Grim Reaper". His eyes are pure black. His voice is not Daito's; the closest description is that it sounds like the ring of steel blades in a fight. His personality generally matches his wielder, and they sometimes trade jokes when Daito wanders into his inner world. The hood on Setsudankou's robe is normally kept down; if he's delivering what he feels to be an important message, he may pull it up, obscuring his whole face.


Standard size and shape katana. Guard is solid yellow oval. Hilt is white and black; there is a base layer of white, wrapped over almost entirely by black, with only hints of white showing through. The end of the hilt is capped in red. The sheath is primarily black, with a single white line running down the center of either side. The closed end of the sheath is also capped in red.

Shikai: "Aku Wo Tachitaose, Setsudankou" (Strike Down Evil, Setsudankou)

Setsudankou shifts from a katana to a simple jian (This, but with the guard smooth and the hilt smoother, a bit shorter, without the increased thickness at the end, and with a smooth pommel. Coloration scheme matches sealed form), before splitting into two identical swords. His sheath changes shape to hold one of these two swords, keeping the same coloring scheme; however, he does not gain a second sheath.

Setsudankou is roughly twice as sharp as before, allowing it to more easily cut through an enemies defenses.

Setsudankou can, at will, join the two swords into a single two-bladed sword, with the pommels disappearing, and the hilt merging into a single handle a couple inches longer than either single hilt.

Daito has a single "special attack" with his shikai. He begins to twirl Setsudankou in its two-bladed sword form in one hand. After a moment, the spin increases without his hand providing momentum. Instead, he holds his hand out flat, at a right angle to his arm, palm facing the sword, as it increases speed. Soon, the sword resembles a fast-spinning sawblade. Daito can then throw the blade at an enemy. He has no control once it takes flight; he can only give it initial direction. His maximum range with this attack is about 50 feet. Once the sword either reaches that distance, hits a target, or Daito wills it, it disappears and returns to his hand, having stopped spinning.

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