Crowning Moments Of Awesome

A page to catalogue every character's most absolutely badass moments. Those moments that made you punch the air as you read them - or, if the character is villainous, made you want to punch THEM.

Please note. Don't add your own character's moments to this page. Wait for someone else to do so for you, and don't be so big-headed. :P

Toho Tohon

  • The moment where Toho nonchalantly sauntered into Soul Society, moving effortlessly through the chaos created by his Espada, turned Sigmund Nobel into an umbrella, and then left as unfussed as he entered, Soul Society in turmoil behind him.

Erscheinung Von Geister

  • Using a cero to calmly blast a huge hole in the wall of Seireitei. Old Man Siege Engine indeed.
  • Messing with the Bount, and exposing HARUBO to the mind of an Eldritch Abomination.
  • Also, his all-around creepyness.
  • Also, when asked by Takeshi "what happened?" starting his entire life story


  • Nigh-effortlessly carving a Mega-Gillian in half. Whilst in Shikai.
  • Killing almost the entire Central 46 and reducing it to - in his words - a "Central 1."

Darius Kiljaeran

  • The Prime aspect of his personality overcoming the others and waking up with two simple words: "I'm back."
  • Deeper Void. Poisoned, running on a temporary antidote, and he STILL manages to stuff Han's plan like NO ONE ELSE in the RP has EVER done.

Augustus Visconti

  • "Oh bollo-" that is all

Hans Rojak

  • The point where he caused the first PC death in the RP. Made more impressive by the fact that his race were Filler Villains in canon.
  • When Satoshi Tsukami killed him, it was All Part of the Plan.
  • Using the mind control abilities of Augustus Visconti's Armas Del Rey against its creator and tricking him into a situation which led to his death.
  • "I won't say 'you are feeling verrry sleepy.' That would be cliched."
  • Everything Hans does makes it seem like something very bad is going to happen. Ever.

Nannan Abishai

  • Ripping off the arms of Shirubaru Reishiro in order to make him more closely resemble a snake. And then ripping off his jaw too to shut him up.

Shiaki Koujin

  • Imprisoning Carcharadon Drakefast in a crystalline prison and, when Carcharadon frenzies and breaks free, using his reiatsu to get blasted to safety through a Garganta like a pinball. But the real Crowning Moment is this: Carcharadon later finding a crystal embedded in his forehead, shaped like a fist and middle finger.

Marco Gutman

  • "Ah, but Hans, you should know that the ace isn't always the best card in the deck." Even whipping Hans Rojak with his own conscience pales in comparison to that line: it is concentrated win.

Shirubaru Reishiro

  • Making Pancakes. Just… Making Pancakes.
  • The start of the fight between Shirubaru and Abishai. Shooting out the sokyoku behind him, leaving a massive furrow in the landscape… for propulsion.
  • Revealing that he and Abishai had been standing on top of his Bankai their entire fight without Abishai realizing it because it was just that huge.
  • Successfully redirecting the most powerful attack in the entire setting (essentially Earth's Quincy bow) away from the Seireitei, and using it to destroy one of the biggest threats to the Seireitei.

Kinkuzo Kukakya

  • His captain's speech. Pretty much epic. "We will blind them—With Science!"

Team Masato

  • Read how they entered into Soul Society. They smited a Gillian with an entrance made of pure awesome and made Ichigo's theme music cooler then the canon main character ever could.


  • "Someone as old as you, they must get to thinking they are untouchable. Like they can't die. Well, looks like I'm here to disabuse you of that notion, Von Geister. I'm here with death on my wings and he wants to say hello." That, and the entire post.


  • Just surviving through all the shit Ran's had to go through is a life-long Crowning Moment of Awesome in itself.

The Brothers Grim

  • Vasae in particular, but this applies to both. After fighting through 12th Division's traps and monsters, Vasae is pinned down with Kinkuzo debating whether or not to cut off his arm. Then Kusato appears to die, and with a flattening burst of reiatsu Vasae busts out BOTH of their Bankais in one sword, forming a giant Quetzlcoatl made out of glass, steel and glowing energy. Which he then beats down Kinkuzo with.
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