Character Interview: Shiaki Koujin

Hello, and thank you for allowing me to ask you some questions today.

Of course. Always fun to talk about yourself, right? *smiles*

Indeed. From what I understand, you are the most recently appointed Captain. Have you not been a Shinigami for long?

Actually, I've been a shinigami for quite a long time. I actually roomed with Captain Shirubaru in the academy. I was just very unmotivated for quite a long time.

*nods* So, what's it like being the weakest Captain?

Not too bad all considering. Got out lucky in my first fight, fighting against someone who had weaknesses right where I had strengths. Then again, as this is completely non-cannon, I know what's ahead for me. Ooh boy that's going to be fun.

On the subject of strength and abilities, who are you most afraid of fighting?

Well, probably the 4th Espada. Erscheinung was his name I think? Yeah. He's a ranged specialist, which means while he's in a position with lots of offensive ability, I can do basically nothing. On top of that, I really don't know how the cutting power of my zanpaktou will affect him…and if he uses the ability to drain ambient reitsu…that might be bad for me.

So you're afraid of fighting the espada of fear?

Huh…so I am. That might actually be helpful…

Wait, what?

Don't worry about it, I wouldn't want to give away anything.

Of course…So, you and your vice-captain are currently suspended, correct?

Yeah… *grumbles* Wait, I haven't seen Toshiko since I left… *starts to run out of the room*

Where are you going?

To find my lieutenant. Stay there!


Wait a sec, I survived!

*suddenly, Abishai out of nowhere* AHHHH! *unpleasant noises*

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