Character Interview: Kira, Quinta Espada

…no you interview him!
Just go!
N-no wait!

Uh… Hello, and uh… we are uh… so happy to have you with us today and uh… that you accepted the… interview Quinta Espada

K… keentuh? Wazzat? *Oh that's me!*

Erm yes. Onto the… erm first question, then?So erm… what do you do in your spare time?

Huh… never really thought aboudit… I guess I schleep mosht of da time. *Ooh, ooh and eat tasty arrancars!*

Ehh well yes… that is very… err reasuring. So…

Wha-what izzit?

Erm… I guess I'll just have to ask it and pray I don't die. The next question is: The other Espada seem to all concur… uh… on the idea that you are uh… one way or another… are… childish? and annoying? What do you um… think about this?

Yeah… the resht of dem are always trying to ge' rid of me. But that's not fair! I only wanna have fun! And sometimes I even try to be der friend! But no madder how hard I try they always try to get away f'om me… except for Takeshi, he's scary

Huh… so you aren't mad at them?

No. Not really. Well shometimes I ge' mad bu'that's only 'cuz they never inc-uh-lood me.

Uh-huh… and what about Toho… what do you think of him?

(Kira suddenly gets very fidgety at the mention of Toho's name and looks up as if trying to rack his brain for something to say) Um… Toho-Sama is our Lo'd en Mastur so we respec' him vewry much.

Ok… so… considering this is non-canon… would you be able to relate your feelings about being a very serious character who is a brutal master to the mostly unknown fraccion, Nico? O n-no c'mon guys this isn't fa-

(Screaming and blood-gurgling noises ensue)

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