Character Interview: Hayashi Takeshi

Hello, everyone! Today we are interviewing the Segunda Espada, otherwise known only as Takeshi-


Um, I'm sorry?

My family name is Hayashi. My full name is Hayashi Takeshi.

Wait, you're related to the Commander-General?

I am his brother. Or rather, I was, before our deaths.

Um… alright. Do you mind if I just call you Takeshi?

No. I do not.

RIGHT! So, Takeshi, what do you think of the other Espada?

A large number of them are either fools or act like fools. Von Geister is just a creepy old man.

It is rumoured that you have Seg-

Rumours are rumours.

*sweatdrops* Right. What do you think of Abishai?

A fool who cannot control himself.

And what do you think of Toho?

I may not agree with him on everything, But I am sworn to him.

We have information that you are dating Elizabeth Rosemane! How do you feel about that?


wait… Takeshi just smilerd?

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