Character Interview: Hans Rojak


Kccch. Amusement. Why are you unnerved, interview creature?

I-I've noticed that the people who give these interviews often… often end up dying… fairly horribly…

Kch kch kch. Increased amusement. You have nothing to fear from me, question giver. Ask your questions and I shall be gone.

But you're the only character so far to have really, genuinely killed another character…

As I see it, I was a tool in the Octava Espada's hand at that moment. Fear him if you fear anyone. I am harmless and I only seek the best for my followers, nothing more, nothing less.

Oh… okay… In that case, I will continue with the interview. Why do you call the other Bount your followers? They don't seem all that happy with that.

Annoyance. They are weak and foolish. They need a leader such as I to shepherd the Bount into a new era of peace. They will follow me whether they want to or not.

Why do you state your emotions out loud?

Kch, politeness, mere politeness. My face is hidden. My voice is warped. My emotions do not communicate themselves naturally. Consequently, I let everyone know, out of politeness, what I am feeling.

Do you ever lie about your emotions?

Do you?

Hmmm… good point. What's that "kch" noise about, anyway?

A mere hissed expulsion of breath.

Right. So, now to the more meaty stuff. What are your plans regarding the Bount, the Shinigami, and the Espada? Do you even have one or are you making it up as you go along?

-plays panpipes-

Are you listening to me? Answer the question!

-plays panpipes-

Hello? Answer the question!

What question? -plays panpipes again-

Uhh… I'm… not sure… Owww… My head… My memories… Fading…

-plays panpipes some more, then stops-

What's that "kch" noise about, anyway?

Kch, I tire of this interview. Farewell.

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