Character Interview: Erscheinung Von Geister

Today, we shall interview the famous Espada Cuatro, Eirschenung Von Geister. Applause to Mr. Von Geister!


Pardon me sir?

Erscheinung Von Geister. You said Eirschenung. Normal mistake.

Very well, mr. Von Geister, is it true that you are the oldest living arrancar?

No. Arrancar are hollows, we are not 'living' per se.

So… Are you the oldest existing arrancar?

I like to think so, but I don't know. Arrancar don't age so this apperance is mostly due to the fact that I was old when I died, unlike the others.

Do you remember your life?

Yes, in fact I do. I was a quincy. Fough in the war with the shinigami even.

And how did you end up a hollow?

I sort of became an earthbound spirit and then a moronic medium went and poked my chain a bit to much. He made a fine meal.

On to another subject. What are your duties in Las Noches?

In spite of what Mia might tell you, the only actual duties are listing the Numeros and assigning the daily duties of lesser arrancar. The thing with the sand and the scars is just to mess up with newcomers.

About this messing up. What is the reason behind it?

Do I need a reason to make sexta sit on spikes and bleed through his ass? Do I need a reason to make tercera take a mouthful of manure? Do I need a reason to embarass Mia by pointing out all of Mia's double intendres? It's like they say, pepper in the eyes of the others is medicine.

… Right. So, what do you think of your fellow Espada?

Carcharadon and Abishai are fun to watch, Augustus and Kira are annoying, Takeshi, Alejandro and Ko must be taken in small doses. Marro is not one I see often and I don't remember the name of our Novena, Samantha Dolores or something, I think I recall seeing him once or twice around Las Noches.

What about Toho?

The guy took a pointless desert like Hueco Mundo and made a giant fortress in it. I respect him, the only thing truly between him and godhood are twelve morons and far to many goons. As soon was we have that portal up and running they are all deader than dead.

Tell me about your fraccion.

Oh, these girls are like daughters to me, I even gave then my surname. I still remember the days I fetched each one as pluses and turned them into hollows, got them to gillian and finally to adjutcha. Well, except Helena, she used to be a shinigami. Turned into a vizard, failed to overcome her hollow, and then became arrancar. Interesting story really.

So. You are the espada of fear. Are you afraid of something?

-A cero crisps the interviewers hair-

Hmm… I will take this as a no. Well, thanks for your time mr. Von Geister!

-Von Geister vanishes in the mist-

Creepy old geezer.

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