Character Interview: Darius Kiljaeran

Thank you for agreeing to this interview, Mr Kiljaeran. We realise that you're very busy.

So why waste five seconds telling me that? I'm perfectly aware of my own schedule, thank you.

Sorry. First question: Are you really as paranoid as you seem?

Of course not. It's all an act to throw people off the scent. You see, there's a vast network of spies who keep track of my every move, but acting like a paranoid lunatic makes them stay away for fear of being spotted.

…Of course. What path do you think the war with the Espada will take in the long term?

Are you joking? We have Arrancar, Vizard, Quincy, Bount and a few others running every whichway across the battlefield with who knows what else waiting in the wings. Toho alone would be enough to turn the distant prediction business into a mug's game, but these days it's all we can do to work out what's going on after it's already happened.

Regarding the vendetta you have against the Cuarta Espada, are you disappointed by your recent string of losses against him?

Not in the slightest. You see, those battles were all part of a brilliant ruse to make him drop his guard. By cunningly allowing myself to be utterly defeated three times in a row I've now convinced him that he's the superior fighter and has nothing to fear.

You mean you lulled him into a true sense of security?

Ye-No! Next question, please.

Why is your Soul Slayer so out of synch with you? A screaming pack of hounds doesn't seem very appropriate for a strategist.

You're right; In terms of strategy he's no help at all. In battle, though, he earns his keep twice over. Sensouken attacks both the body and mind relentlessly, providing the perfect mix of brute force and psychic torture. That's not to say that we didn't have to resort to some fairly…drastic measures to create trust between us…

Such as?

I really don't want to talk about it.

Fair enough. Well, that's about all the time we have for today. It's been a pleasure.

Likewise. You're under arrest.

Wait, what?

You really thought that you wouldn't be found out? Posing as an interviewer to gain access to military secrets, indeed. Take him away!

Bu-But this is non-canon! Get your hands off me! This is all a mis-

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