Character Interview: Carcharadon Drakefast

First of all, Carcharadon, thank you for agreeing to this interview.

What? Who the hell are you? What am I doing here?

Just answer the questions. First off, how do you spend a typical lazy Sunday in Las Noches?

Hmm. Well, I would probably wake up, and maybe grab a bite to eat. Then I'd have a quick session of intense suffering to get my juices flowing, before brooding silently in a corner for an hour or two. I'd probably follow that up with a little more suffering, and then maybe I'd beat up a random Arrancar who got in my way. After that, I could always go for some more suffering, and then have lunch with suffering for dessert. I might hound down Abishai for a quick chat, though I'm not sure why, since that's pretty much just another name for "suffering" and my days are usually pretty suffering-intensive anyway. Hmmm… You know what would round off a day like that perfectly?

Some light suffering.

Oh… kay. Next question: Why is your name so difficult to pronounce or spell?

Car. Char. Ah. Don. It isn't that hard, people! It's actually the Latin word for "shark" as well, so it's got some classy roots. Don't knock the name.

What do you think of your fellow Espada?

This is a hard one. I genuinely like Abishai, but I'm not sure why, since he's an insane monster who seems to want to kill me half the time and be friends with me the other half. I also have a fondness for Takeshi - he is, I believe, the only other Espada who understands what I have gone through. Takeshi and Abishai hate each other, and if they ever fight, I may be forced to intervene.

The others I don't know as well. The Cuarta annoys me. He is the only Espada I know I could never harm, not even in my feeding frenzy, and also he's just obnoxious. I try to avoid him, although his Fraccion, Mia, did help me out recently… I suspect cynical manipulation rather than a genuine offer of friendship.

The Octava is too arrogant and unpredictable, the Quinta is too dopey, the Septima is too pretentious, and the Decima is convinced he knows what it means to suffer despite having no idea. The Primera and Novena I don't see around enough to judge, they keep themselves to themselves.

Do you snore in bed?

Absolutely not.

Why don't you have a Fraccion?

I've had several, but sooner or later I end up killing them. It's not my fault. They're weak and I try to make them stronger, but for some reason they just don't appreciate being stuffed in a blender or having their legs slowly chewed off.

One final question: I have this cut on my ankle. Do you think it's infected? It's bleeding quite badly.

-Eyes go red-

Oh shi-

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