Character Interview: Aléjandro Mendez

First of all, hello and welcome to the interview, Septima.
It's a pleasure to be here, even if I was contractually obliged to do so.

You are noted amongst the Espada for being a scholarly type who enjoys reading and philosophy. Care to share your favourite book with us?
Y'know how I'm always carrying around various philosophical works in the RP? Well, I actually use them to hide a various self-help texts and Dummy's Guides to pretty much everything. Having not been an Espada for a particularly long time, I've had little time to get much in the way of the knowledge I should have as The Smart Guy of the team. It's a quick way of gaining broad knowledge of pretty much anything I feel I need to know.

And nothing to do with any secret feelings of incompetence?
Not at all. Honest.

Of course. So, given this is non-canon, and anything you say here won't impact on the continuity, what do you think of Toho?
Sometimes it takes the crazy ones to get things done. And honestly, whilst Soul Society isn't too bad under Daisuke, it is supposed to be heaven. Heaven shouldn't be run by a militant order of psychopomps that is run on the basis of a militant meritocracy.

And the Espada aren't a militant meritocracy?
My intentions are that the Espada won't be ruling Soul Society.

And what about Toho's intentions?
To steal a line from Nietzsche, God is dead. If we are to try and create a reflection of the view of a monotheistic heaven, then surely only the strongest should take the empty throne of the place. And the strongest would almost certainly be Toho, especially after we Espada have served our purpose and he has consumed us.

Oh yes, I fully expect Toho to stab we Espada in the back once out role has been fulfilled. Quite ironic, given my allotted theme. We are little more than tools and weapons to remove the old system and enforce the beginnings of the new. We will then no longer be necessary, as a truly benevolent deity will have no need for aspects of death.

Interesting. What do you think about your player's other character(s), John Bowen and his inner hollow, Hulmisadurim?
Allow me a moment to break the fourth wall and read up on him.

Of course.
Aléjandro pulls a laptop out of nowhere and begins reading John's character entry. Hmm… John himself is a relatively simple character, and most likely covered in a plague of tropes. Hulmisadurim, and by extension Vileblood, terrify me though.

As a mental construct of Edge, I have access to his thoughts regarding Vileblood. What he has planned terrifies me.

Right… What would be your perfect day?
Any day where I get to use Segunda Etapa near an indestructible reflective surface. I want to know what my face looks like under this damn mask! Oh, a trip to an Italian wouldn't be too bad, either.

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