Character Factoids

Satoshi Tsukami, when using Bankai and his hollow mask at the same time, can travel at a speed of 24,696km/h - enough to circle the Earth in about 2 hours

Carcharadon Drakefast, when in his feeding frenzy, can survive being near the centre of a small-scale nuclear explosion.

Johnathan Bowen is the only Vizard (in both canon Bleach and BleachiTP) who gained hollow abilities before shinigami ones.

Shiaki Koujin is one of the most recently promoted captains, having been in the position only a few months before the start of the story.
—He also is the youngest captain. Despite being born at the same time as Shirubaru Reishiro, he was thrown forward through time 70 years, during which he did not age.

Mary "Raven" Low be a pirate. Yarrrrrr.

Hayashi Daisuke has an ultra-powerful attack that he hasn't revealed yet. BUT he can only use it during the day.

Kayzumai Yen is the first Shinigami, both canon and non, to have died while not in a flashback

And Mori Ken'ichi is the only Quincy, both canon and non, to have died while not in a flashback.

Ryuunosuke Kenji has a very acute Visual memory, bordering on Photographic.

Vileblood's reiatsu gives the chemical composition of sand and the laws of the universe the finger, as it is able to turn the silt composition of Sand into Diamond, despite sand not being made of carbon. There is no word yet on whether or not Vileblood has ever exploited this loophole in the nature of Causality for personal profit.

Shirubaru Reishiro is so badass he can will pancakes into existance.

Yumi Watanabe rarely spends longer than 2 or 3 seconds thinking any one thing through. The longest she has thought about anything has been 5 seconds. This may extend from her prowess as a sniper, where one rarely has time to think. Whether she is intelligent or not in spite of this fact has yet to be seen.

When Damara Shishihara releases his Shikai, the initial flash is four times brighter than the sun.

Siegfried Bieber has both the ability to throw his voice, and an unusually high ability to read people's body language, as a consequence of his intense Hakudo training.

Kinkuzo Kukakya genuinely doesn't consider himself a bad person, just a necessary one. The problem is that, if you use previous 12th Division Captains as benchmarks, he's probably right.

Hara Tai has enough alcohol in her blood it is actually flammable. One could drink it and get drunk.

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