Cecilia Reishiro

Captain of the 11th Division

Reiatsu: Pink, changes to dark orange in shikai and gold in bankai.


Late teens to early twenties, long pink hair, slight frame but generously endowed (this is Bleach after all). 5'2". Generally considered quite attractive.


Since acheiving bankai, Cecilia has become much more confident and outgoing. She no longer keeps referring to Shirubaru as "Shirubaru-sama" for instance.


Cecilia is skilled at zanjutsu, unarmed combat and shunpo, but has no training in kido. While her original combat style was mostly self-taught, she has since incorporated formal swordsmanship techniques and moves copied from others. She is also much stronger than her frame would suggest.

Zanpakuto: Mushi ni (Vermillion Insect) Mu shini (Without death)

Shikai: "Bite, Mushini!"

Cecilia's body is surrounded by a suit of lightweight silvery-gold plate armour, strong enough to block the unreleased sword of even a captain without a scratch. The armour traps all reiatsu released by her body inside itself, making it impossible to detect, and also allows her to release it in bursts from specific parts of her body to momentarily increase her speed and power. She is also capable of creating an enclosing helmet which allows her to survive without breathing, though it muffles her voice. Cecilia may regenerate her armour if it is damaged, but doing so requires a moment of concentration and uses up some of her energy. While in shikai she may create swords at will, which are identical to her zanpakuto's unreleased form. She may also turn any manifestations of her shikai invisible if she wishes, though she seldom does so.

Kikireppu Ouda: Cecilia concentrates reiatsu into her gauntlet until it shatters, releasing it in a powerful blast.

Bankai: Mushini Ouken

Cecilia raises her hand to the sky and an enormous flame-bladed sword appears in it. Both she and the sword start to glow bright gold.

Cecilia's bankai is effectively an inversion of her shikai. Rather than sealing her reiatsu away, she continuously blasts it out of her body. Its force is significant enough to blast away small projectiles and makes her difficult to hold onto. Her reiatsu is also emitted through her sword, increasing its cutting power - while this can make it hard to hit a small target, against most foes the repulsive force will widen the wound as the weapon passes through them.

Cecilia's basic stats (strength, speed, endurance) are also increased in this form. However, its power consumption is enormous, capable of completely draining her shinigami abilities if overused. (they return naturally over time)


Cecilia's mindscape takes the form of Seireitei, but not quite. The buildings are arranged differently, and somehow grander. Her zanpakuto spirit is identical in appearance to herself.

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