Catrin Gunda

Catrin Gunda is one of the enslaved Bounts under the control of Hans Rojak, though like some of them she bears a hatred for the man and sees him as a false savior. Behind the control of the marks that Rojak hands out so freely, longs a Bount desperate to return to the world of mortals to live free and how she wishes.


Catrin is a black haired girl a little on the short side, with almost radioactive green eyes that actually do glow whenever the light is soft enough to pick out such an effect. Dressed in a gothic Lolita dress, it’s easy to mistake Catrin for a little girl but woe to those who call her something like that to her face. She can most often be seen lugging around two onyx colored knives the length of her forearms strapped to her back in an ‘X’ shape, which anyone who knew she was a Bount could guess what those were.


Catrin is a sullen and moody bount who tends to snap at people who try to get friendly with her, the stress of her current position as a grunt worker having worked away any politeness she MIGHT have had in the first place. Quick to take offense, Catrin is nonetheless rather clever and knows when to fold and when to put on a show to deter others. An excellent bluffer, she is nonetheless constantly reminded about how small she is in the grand plan of things and thus takes some offense to accusations that she is un-important in some fashion.


“Zeige Dich Geisterstein” (German for "Spirit Stone").

Catrin’s doll is sealed in the form of two long knives shaped vaguely like letter openers with circular guards to protect her hands. By crossing the blades and calling on Geisterstein, she is able to call forth a giant man made out of cast iron and onyx with a mysterious green glow that defies conventional identification seeping out of cracks and opening in the humanoid body. The center of Geisterstein’s chest is actually continuously open to expose a glowing green sphere about the size of Catrin’s body with two black rings swirling about it.

Geisterstein is mostly used for the purposes of scaring of potential enemies since, while Catrin and Geisterstein are on good relations, the gigantic doll is clumsy and slow when compared to the speed of sonido and shunpo. Where it to ever actually catch an enemy with one of it’s heavy-handed blows, there is the possibility for heavy damage to be done but aside from extensive property damage, Geisterstein hasn’t hit someone yet. Aside from the doll’s impressive strength though, it is capable of firing a blast of green reiatsu from it’s chest cavity at enemies and is similar to a good cero in destructive power but takes several seconds to charge and the beam is not quick.
Perhaps the only good thing Geisterstein is good at besides being scary, is to be a walking, talking, and fighting shield for Catrin herself. The doll can take massive blows and sustain heavy damage before it is in risk of crumbling apart though that is unlikely with how quickly it repairs itself.

Most often Catrin will use Geisterstein as a ‘human’ shield to save herself from potentially lethal attacks before fleeing since the one impressive deed about Geisterstein is just how quickly it can be summoned. Useful for a living shield that towers over most anything at forty-five stories tall.

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