Carmen Arule

Vice-captain of the 11th Division

Appearance: Carmen wears pro Shinigami robes, though she does have a small collection of clothes from the human world. She has long blonde hair, tied back into a pony tail most of the time, and blue eyes. She is quite muscular.

Personality: Carmen is a sweet, outgoing person, who enjoys having friends. She tries to be very strict when it comes to her job, but she often gets… distracted.

Zanpaktou: Severat

Sealed form: A basic katana with a pink ribbon hanging from it.
Shikai ("Expel, Severat!"): The blade shrinks away and the handle extends to three feet, it becomes round. Spikes erupt from the end, making Severat a huge morning star. No special attacks, except the ability to shot the occasional spike at people.
Spirit: Severat appears as a jelly fish with hooked tentacles.

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