Carcharadon Drakefast

Sexta Espada


Cero Colour: White

Carcharadon is at least eight feet tall, with a very impressive physique - he has huge muscles, and his entire body is etched with sunken scars. He is shaven-headed apart from a short, bristly grey mohawk, and he is always bare-chested apart from a looped black belt which is strapped diagonally across his chest. His zanpaktou is stuck through the back of this belt, so it sticks up behind Carcharadon's head.

The remains of his hollow mask form a massive lower jaw with a huge, jutting chin and a number of jagged, shark-like fangs. Two of these fangs, one on either side, are much bigger than the others and jut up on either side, curving back almost like horns. His espada tattoo, a great big number '6,' is located around his eye - his eye is inside the circle bit of the 6. His hollow hole is found going right through his throat.

Carcharadon is enormously angry, enormously bitter, and enormously high-strung. He has fought and suffered, bled and worked, for the power and position which he has attained, and yet he sees 5 other Espada above him, none of which (in his opinion) have worked as hard as he has for their power. This makes him rebellious and resentful, willing to go against orders from the Espada above him in order to 'prove himself.' He will attack those beneath him with impugnity for the slightest imagined insult, ripping them apart with his bare hands and massive jaw. Even by the standards of the other Espada, he is incredibly unstable, and is usually only unleashed in a situation where raw force is needed with no precision over where it lands.

Sealed Zanpaktou: Tiburón Blanco. (White Shark)
An enormous stone-headed warhammer, with a curving blade sticking out of the bottom of its handle. Carcharadon wields the hammer as if it were as light as a wooden staff, but anyone else who tries to lift it will find it impossibly heavy. One blow from this hammer will level a building and cause an earthquake.

Resurrección: "Rise from the depths, Tiburón Blanco."
Carcharadon grows in size until he is almost twelve feet tall, and then drops down to his haunches and his mask grows to cover his entire face in a shark-like visage. This stretches back, forming what looks like a huge dorsal fin in the centre of his back. His jaw grows to ridiculous proportions and anything which he manages to trap in his jaws will never escape unless he wills it. His left hand grows into an enormous, vicious, lobster-like pincer while he uses the other hand to wield his huge stone hammer one-handedly. He also gains a tongue which is like a moray eel - huge, long, viciously-toothed. He fires his cero from this tongue's mouth.

When his opponent bleeds for the first time while he is in his Resurrección, Carcharadon's eyes glow red and he goes into an unstoppable berserker rage - or "feeding frenzy" - which increases his speed, strength and hierro to ludicrous proportions. This frenzy only lasts for a minute or two, but while he is in it, he is temporarily stronger than the Cuarta Espada or Quinta Espada - but when he leaves this frenzy, Carcharadon is physically drained and much weaker than before. Fortunately for him, most opponents don't live to take advantage of this.

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