Azai Masanori

Name: Azai Masanori - Dead.

Division: Second Division

Rank: Unseated

Physical Appearance: Azai is almost the physical opposite of Shimazu, being only 5'8" tall, and 135 lbs. His dark brown hair almost falls over his eyes, giving him a slightly "shady" look.

Personality: Though not as purely energetic as Hattori, Azai is one of the more talkative members of the team. He's also somewhat perverted, which earns him the ire of more than one female in Soul Society. He's surprisingly tough; that many near-death beatings at the hands of angry women toughens you up. Despite this, he does know when to be serious, and is surprisingly observant at times.

Reiatsu/Speech: Yellow Green

Zanpaktou: Unkown.

Zanpaktou Sealed Form: A tanto with a 12" blade, no guard. The handle and sheath are a dark navy blue.

Shikai Command: Unknown.

Shikai: Unknown.

General Ability Rankings:
Ranked 1.0 to 10.0. 1.0 is worst (new Academy student) and 10.0 is best (undisputed master).

Stealth: 6.3

Escape Artistry: 7.9

Infiltration Skills: 8.3

Hand-to-Hand: 9.0

Footwork/Shunpo: 8.7

Swordsmanship: 7.5

Kido (Overall): 5.5
Bakudo: 8.0
Hado: 3.0

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