Augustus Visconti

Octava Espada, Aspect of Death: Delusion


After a succession of defeats, Augustus accumulated vast reams of research and transplanted enormous amounts of power into himself. He is now in a constant state of Segunda Etapa, and is only capable of sustaining himself via constant use of his abilities.


Augustus often travels in a heavy white robe which covers every part of his body. However, when he removes it, he is often a bleached white skeleton wearing white hakama with black pin striping. His guardless blue wakizashi is sheathed at his hip, and his mask is a jawed claw on his right hand.

Fighting Style

Augustus still has no sonido, however, his hierro has changed entirely, shielding him from all but the highest kido and other reishi based attacks, but offering no protection from physical damage. His regeneration ability is such that he can recover from most damage, however it still takes some time (ie: he won't be healing any damage inside encounters).


Augustus no longer possesses one, as he is in his full release state constantly. This means that he is also no longer able to directly enter and control those who bear Armas del Rey.

Armas del Rey

Abilities from Segunda Etapa

Destrucción Cero

Recovered from his research of the Quincy, this light blue cero forms a thick and heavy wave that shreds reishi to the extent it can destroy souls. This cero continues its forwards motion for one minute before dissipating.

The Forge of God [needs translation]

Much like he is able to destroy, he can also create. His constant release state is powered by the use of this ability. Augustus can create reishi, either pumping it through Armas del Rey or channelling it through his mask hand to create objects. He cannot reshape the objects after they become material, nor can he manipulate them beyond physical means.

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