Arrancar Alojamientos

The alojamientos are numerous identical structures located all over the fortress-city of Las Noches. All of these structures serve the same purpose, they house the arrancar citizens and soldiers who serve Toho and the Espada.

Each alojamiento covers an area of 90 square meters and has four stores plus a terrace at the top, they are connected to the palaces at the center of the city by roads of pristine white stone, and unless altered by the occupants, are surrounded by the sands of hueco mundo.

The alojamientos are always distributed in a very ordered way, equidistant to one another and to the nearby cannals, and distributed in concentric squares. The nearer an alojamiento is to the central palaces, the more prestige its occupants tend to have with the ruling body of Las Noches.


Sabine Azeneth (Deceased)

Syake Hiiragi


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