Anita Thomson

Anita Thomson (Ani) – Spiritually Aware Human
Speech Color: Green
Age: 28
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 169lbs

Appearance: Anita is somewhat taller than average, and also moderately overweight. Coupled with the fact that she has the appearance of a foreigner, this makes her altogether more conspicuous than she would like to be. Her skin is fair, though not exceedingly pale, and tans easily. Her eyes are a pale, icy blue, and her shoulder-length hair is a strange mixture of blonde and brown, an unpleasant color that could best be described as ditchwater. She keeps it tied back with a kerchief knotted around her head that gives her a rather impoverished appearance. Her face is broad, with plump cheeks and a stubborn set to her jaw, her mouth often set in a mulish line. Her right eyebrow has been pierced with a nondescript silver ring, the only visible sign of her unusual and troubled past.

She generally wears an assortment of ill-fitting clothes that appear to have been intended for someone considerably thinner. Favoring shirts emblazoned with cartoon characters or obnoxious slogans, as well as sweatpants that are either grey, threadbare or both, her wardrobe is very sparse. Her idea of formal clothing consists of a button-down shirt that looks as though it has seen better days, and a pair of torn jeans. She always wears the same pair of tattered black sneakers, often with the laces untied. Lately, she always seems to have several bandages on her hands and face, most notably a thick white gauze that seems permanently wrapped around her left arm. It conceals a bite wound that she received while caring for one of the many Hollows that seem magnetically attracted to her. Unbeknown to her, however, this wound is not as inconsequential as the others, having begun to fester and rot, the flesh blackening. This blackness is slowly beginning to spread up her arm. Unknown to most is the fact that she wears contact lenses, being quite nearsighted, as is the fact that she has a slightly deformed tattoo of an intricate butterfly design on her upper back. This is something that she herself has all but forgotten. Overall, her appearance is rather unkempt and nondescript, and her clothing often gives the impression that she is younger than she truly is.

Personality: Anita is a very lazy individual with no real ambition, and is rarely ever dedicated to any cause or goal. She can be friendly when she decides that it’s worth the effort, but more often than not she is rather mean, often making snide remarks and being generally sarcastic. Mistrusting of overt generosity and never open and honest about her life, she has been jaded by her unfortunate past. She is unhappy with her lifestyle, but has become used to it, resigned to have it be her lot in life. Anita is a feminist with no interest in men whatsoever. Overly sensitive about her weight, she does nothing to rectify the issue, which can be attributed to her laziness. She always seems to be eating something, particularly when she is nervous or upset. Though not a violent person, she will occasionally lash out, either verbally or with some cooking utensil, at someone who irritates her, generally without warning. Some of her erratic behavior can be attributed to her spiritual awareness, of course, and though she believes herself to be insane, she is careful never to let others notice this. She does not enjoy her current impoverished state, and, as she has very low morals, would do nearly anything if the price is right. Despite wanting to earn and save money, she always seems to end up spending it all on food, as well as trying to get drunk in local bars. She is easily tempted by alcohol, which can be problematic considering that her apartment is located directly above a rather disreputable bar.

Abilities: Anita is an incredibly average individual in terms of her speed, agility and endurance, these being exactly what one would expect for a woman of her weight and level of physical fitness, though is somewhat stronger than an average mortal woman. She has essentially no combat abilities whatsoever, having never received any training. If forced into a fight situation, she defends herself with a battered kitchen knife stolen from the restaurant where she works. Being spiritually aware, she sees all manner of spiritual beings, and has from a very young age, but the truth of what she is seeing has never been explained to her, attributing it to insanity. She is also a fairly talented chef, having worked for many years at ‘The Lucky Cat’, a run-down hovel of a noodle restaurant that can attribute its survival solely to her cooking. Also, Anita has an almost unnaturally high tolerance for alcohol, rarely getting very drunk, or even hung over, no matter how much she drinks. This can be a source of frustration for her at times, especially after a particularly miserable day.

Hollows: Hollows seem to be attracted to Anita, with there always being at least two in her general vicinity at any one time. Despite this, she has only ever killed two Hollows, both through pure luck, and only because they directly endangered her life. She regards them to be somewhat like dogs in terms of their mentality, as she knows no better, and has been fortunate enough never to encounter any stronger than Gillian-class. All those she encounters seem to be rather small, and with generally animalistic appearances, and are generally quite weak. For some reason, most Hollows are only mildly hostile toward her, and some have even been quite friendly. Though they do attack her on occasion, she sees it as being nothing, and only retaliates very slightly unless her life is in danger. These attacks are usually superficial and very minor, and it seems that those Hollows that have attacked her become far friendlier towards her in the long term than those that have not.

There are three Hollows that seem to have an exceptionally close bond with Anita, and at least one seems to be with her at all times. She very much appreciates their company, and has gone so far as to care for them, often ‘feeding’ them with the souls of assorted small vermin captured in the restaurant, and having them with her in her apartment at times. The oldest, and the only one that she has named, is Saki, a Hollow about the size of a housecat, that has she first met the year after she arrived in Japan. It appears rat-like, though it has armored scales that are a sickly shade of green, as opposed to fur. It also has a prehensile tail and a vaguely simian mask. It is rather mischievous, and acts in an almost affectionate manner toward Anita. A more recent addition is a much larger Hollow that appears as a giant centipede, roughly nine feet in length. It is the color of dried blood, and has a particularly grotesque mask, featuring a vast, gaping maw lined with razor-sharp teeth. It is fiercely protective of her, and very loyal. Though not always near her, it is able to move incredibly quickly to her aid, scuttling on twisted, oversized insect legs in rather disconcerting manner. Finally, there is a strange lupine Hollow that has taken to following her around in recent months, and is responsible for the bite on her arm. It is approximately four feet in length, with shaggy black fur, and has a wolf-like mask. It differs from a normal wolf in that it has six legs, however, rather than the usual four. Though it has spent very little time around her, it is nearly as tame as the others, and often runs circles around her in a decidedly nonthreatening manner. It seems playful and almost juvenile, and Anita has taken a liking to it. All three are very important to her, and she cares about them more deeply than she will admit.

Past: Anita is originally from Canada, where she lived a fairly average life in a dysfunctional family until the age of sixteen. After being disowned by her frustrated parents, she took what little savings she hand and moved to Japan, giving no reason other than wanting to be as far away from her horrible family as possible. After a short-lived rebellious phase, she settled down in a shabby apartment above a noisy bar, all that she can afford on her awful salary. She hated it, and still does, but has become more resigned to this as being her future over the past several years. Having lived in Japan for twelve years, she is fluent in both Japanese and English. Everything about her mundane life is boring, shabby, worn-out and frustrating, and even the Hollows do little to distract from this overwhelming sense of mediocrity. Her complaints can be easily summed up as follows; her job pays next-to-nothing despite the long days that she works; she has very little money, barely enough to live on; the drunks in the bar keep her awake at night because she can hear them through the floor of her room; and everybody always stares at her because she appears foreign, even after seeing her around for the last twelve years. Her life isn’t happy, but she can truthfully say that things are better here than they were in Canada.

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