Andrzej z Gdańsk

Second Knight of the New Enclave

Appearance and Personality


A former Kinsman of the Enclave, Andrzej was promoted in the aftermath of the order's devastation due to expertise in reconnaissance and and his unique fighting style that blends swordplay and glyph usage into a single, fluid combat form. He has begun teaching select members of the Hunters and Kinsmen both of these skills in an effort to create a guerilla force for the Enclave to use if necessary.

Andrzej is almost albino, his skin exceptionally pale and his shoulder-length hair prematurely white. His irises are golden, and his pupils slitted, which most attribute to the experiments of Andrjev's late mentor Vesemir, and a scar runs over his left eye. He is usually unshaven, though rarely with a full-blown beard and almost never wear anything other than his simple cloth and leather armour. Quite notable is that he carries two bastard swords on his back - one steel, and one silver.


Andrzej carries two swords, as his tutor taught him that not all monsters were not kin to men. His steel sword is designed for combating humans and animals, whilst the silver sword is focused on combating spiritual entities.

Reconcilio: Andrzej only bears this Glyph on his silver sword.

Fighting Style Glyphs: Andrjev's fighting 'style' actually consists of three differing techniques, and both his swords carry three Glyphs, one for each style. However, Andrzej can only empower one of these Glyphs at a time, as they require a particular focus and frame of mind to utilise.

  • Temerian Devil Glyph: Designed for dealing with tough, slow opponents, the Temerian Devil style focuses on slow, heavy blows that make frequent use of two-handing to add extra force to the blow. The Glyph for this style enhances the sword's cutting strength, allowing it to bypass armour, shields and the hides of unnatural beasts more easily.
  • Addan Anye, the Fiery Dancer: This style favours speed and agility over strength of blows. The Fiery Dancer affords the opponent no time to strike safely. The philosophy behind the style is that a swordsman should be as a flame - too swift and ephemeral to harm, and wounding every time it is touched. The Addan Anye Glyph enhances Andrzej's speed whilst empowered.
  • Naev'de Feaine Glaeddyv, the Nine Sun Swords: Designed for dealing with multiple opponents at once, the Nine Sun Swords consists of wide, circular motions that force opponents to keep back or take the blow. The Naev'de Feaine Glaeddyv Glyph lengthens the blade of the sword when empowered, increasing both its reach and its weight, and thus its momentum.

Due to the reduced durability of his silver sword, Andrzej has adapted these styles for its use. When using the silver sword, no parries or ripostes are utilised, replaced by an increased emphasis on steps, pirouettes and evasion.

Aard: Inscribed on the palm of the gauntlet of his off-hand, the Aard Glyph allows Andrzej to deliver a quick telekinetic shove. Used quickly, its strength is rather minor, but by spending time and focusing energy into the Glyph, the shove can be made more significant, capable of knocking opponents off their feet.

Fighting Styles

Temerian Devil Steel
Fiery Dancer Steel
Nine Sun Steel
Temerian Devil Silver
Fiery Dancer Silver
Nine Sun Silver

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