Ambroz Tommasoro

Fracción to the Primera Espada

Appearance and Personality

Ambroz is male Arrancar with long flowing black hair and brown eyes. The remains of his mask cover his mouth with rows of teeth, similar to Tia Harribel, but he wears a gray scarf (not unlike Marro) to cover his lower-face whenever he can. The rest of his uniform consists of a full-body dress garb and a large, frilly noble's coat that acts as his jacket. He completes the outfit with two white gentleman's gloves as well.

Similar to his master Marro, Ambroz remains calm and composed most of the time and tends to pride himself on his appearance (despite his hollow mask remains). He becomes noticeably upset if his outfit is damaged or removed, and will only take off his scarf in very serious situations.

Zanpakuto: Hidra (Hydra)

Ambroz's zanpakuto is identical to Marro's in every way, and since he is part of his resurrección, he cannot release the sword himself.

Powers and Abilities:

Cero: Ambroz has a blue cero, which he charges and fires with the tip of his zanpakuto.

Serpent's Tail: Ambroz has an unusual ability, allowing him to remove his scarf and transform it into a makeshift whip, as if it were the tail of a serpent. He rarely uses it, but is very proficient in using both the whip and his zanpakuto in combat.

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