Allan Crossdale

Spiritually Empowered Dual Entity

Age: 17
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 143 ibs.

Allan is on the tall side, usually standing slightly above those around him. He has a mess of black hair which hangs past his shoulders, which he sometimes fiddles with. He has a soft, flat face. The irises of his eyes are a bright red, the color of blood.
They glow slightly in the dark. He typically dresses in casual American clothing, almost always a T-shirt and jeans, excepting extreme temperatures. Almost always wears an unadorned fishing hat. He also carries a large back pack where he keeps a spare set of clothes, phone, first aid kit, and some basic survival gear, as well as his personal belongings. He hasn't taken this with him since he gained use of Kayi's apartment. Allan wears a small crescent moon pendant he received from Isara.
Allan is well muscled but not unusually so. He is clearly in good physical condition. He eats constantly, almost always having some sort of food on him at all times. Since his training, he has a large scar across his chest going from the left side of his collar bone to his right hip.

Allan is a generally upbeat and kind person, coming off positively to most people who he meets. He is very difficult to faze, able to allow negative events to roll off his back very easily. He can usually see the silver lining to any event. Despite this, he acts a big haggared at most times and rarely tries to start conversations. Occasionally, he acts aggressive and violent as a result of Soultaker's influence, but he is usually able to control himself.

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