Alicia Eve Ryder


Alicia looks to be around age 20, though with Shinigami, it's hard to tell. She's stated that she's around Taniko's age. Alicia is of slightly above average height, and very pale. She looks very thin and frail, a result of her eating condition. She always seems to look hungry. Her eyes a emerald green, and her brown-red hair is long and done up in a ponytail.

She always seems to be wearing some sort of ridiculous outfit, no doubt made by Sabine. Her current outfit is a mix of a labcoat and a kimono… somehow.


Alicia is constantly hungry, and is not above taking food "donations", usually from men. She has recently developed a minor complex about having other people control her.

She's fairly young, and new to war. She doesn't seem to be that close to her brother. Her grandfather, Alexander Ryder, has stated openly that she's his favorite. She currently has a boyfriend, Marco Gutman, and Alexander doesn't really approve of him.


Kidou: Alicia can cast hado and bakudo up to around level 5.
Flash Steps/Sonido: She's very experienced with quick movement techniques, as she was part of 2nd division.
Close Combat: She has received basic training.
Cero: She can charge one red cero at a time.
Bala: She usually uses cero instead.
Pesquisa: She has not learned Pesquisa yet.
Garganta: She's fairly used to garganta by now, often making trips to the Mortal World. It takes a few seconds for the garganta to form.
Hierro: Her hierro is very weak, most seated shinigami, and probably quite a few unseated, can break through it.

Cero Doble: she can absorb a cero from any of her snakes or her mouth, but can only fire them from her mouth or mask, adding her own cero to it. She can only absorb two ceros at a time in this way. She can also do this with up to 8 bala, but she can't add her own.

Hunger Aura: Alicia's aura ranges from "Oh, I could probably go for a snack" to a level of starvation that will kill someone in 3 minutes. The more people around, the weaker the aura becomes. She can suppress it fairly well, but it can still slip every now and then.


Eden: Her original zanpaktou. It takes the form of a katana, with a square guard and a red hilt. When released, the blade takes the form of a crescent moon, and the hilt becomes a 30ft. long chain. She can cast kidou from anywhere along the chain, and can store up to three kidou inside of it to cast later, however she needs to do the full incantation to use this. Prolato, Eden.

Lucifer: Her arrancar zanpaktou. It takes the form of a katana made of bone. When released, eight of Alicia's ribs turn into 20ft. long snakes of bone. She can only charge one at a time, however once charged they can fire from any of the snakes, her mouth, or her mask. Anything that effects the chain will affect the snakes. Emula, Lucifer.

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